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[16days_discussion] Poem: BBC, CNN Aljzeera

Radha Paudel rpaudel456 at
Wed Jul 8 20:39:59 EDT 2015

*BBC, CNN Aljzeera ..*
*Breaking news ! Breaking News !*
*Earthquake  7.9…7.4*
*Aftershocks 5.6….6.4*
*Earthquake occasional vibrant*
*Aftershocks, ….. very phenomenal  *
*Will be gone soon !*
*Should be gone !*
*People are moving*
*People should be moved one*
*Who CARE????*
*I was shaken*
*I am shaking*
*I will be shaking !*
*Shaking each seconds*
*Dying each moment*
*Losing huge cost*
*It was shake more than 9*
*The seismograph was mis-read  *
*Donor community mis-lead*
*Government escape **L*
*Fake commitment, flaws laws*
*Who CARES ?*
*Shaking each seconds*
*Dying each moment*
*Losing huge  cost*

In Love, Peace and Solidarity !
Radha Paudel
Founder-Action Works Nepal
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          actionworksnepal.awon10 at
Author: Khalangama Hamala (Madan Purskar 2014)
Social Worker Award 2013
Women Peace Maker 2012
N-Peace Award 2012
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