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[16days_discussion] Fw: [Dignity Television] To Step Up Campaign Against Trafficking of Cameroonian Girls in the Middle East:A Common Future Launches 'Mister Bamenda 2015' contest, Confronts NW Senators.

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Tue Jul 14 03:11:55 EDT 2015

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Bamenda-Cameroon: July 14, 2015- 
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| A Common Future staff protest against enslavement of Cmr girls in Kuwait |

A Common Future, the Bamenda-based CivilSociety organization that works to transform lives and build common frontiersby proposing alternative models of masculinity that are not in opposition tomodels of femininity and that allow men and women as well as boys and girls toshare love, reproductive health responsibilities and decision–making, is announcinga male pageant title and contest code-named ‘Mister Bamenda 2015’, to takeplace next August 22, 2015 at Jua Hotel situated off the slopes of the BamendaUp Station Hill. The theme of the event shall be: ‘Ending all Forms of ContemporarySlavery and Bringing Back our Girls Trapped in Kuwait’.
The winner of the Mister Bamenda 2015title shall have as mission to articulate Article 4 of the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights, UDHR, which states that ‘No one shall be held inslavery or servitude: slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in alltheir forms’.
The pageant who shall be A Common Future2015 advocate youth speaker shall have as objective, to bring to the forefrontof public consciousness the inhumane and degrading forms of treatment ourCameroonian girls suffer in the Middle East for no fault of theirs. The MisterBamenda platform shall give the winner an opportunity to liaise with victimsand families whose children are trapped out there in Kuwait and Lebanon andbring the attention of government and the international community to theirplight and the need for urgent action. He shall also work to identify the slavetrade market agents here in Cameroon and do well to name and shame them.The youth advocate speaker shall work to educate and sensitize youths on thenecessity of having full knowledge of the host country and family before everleaving Cameroon.The pageant shall work to improve access to information and general internetaccess so girls and boys who want to travel do enough online research on thehuman rights situation in the host countries before travelling so as to sparethemselves and their families the embarrassment we have had these past weeks onthe inhumane treatment of Cameroonians in the Middle East.
Since the ‘majority of those who sufferare the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalized social groups in society andsince it is fear, ignorance of one’s rights and the need to survive that doesnot encourage them to speak out,’ the youth advocate speaker shall work to reinsertvictims into society by liaising with entrepreneurial mentoring agencies likeSEED Cameroon and the National Employment Fund to make them gainfully employed.Through such programmes, they would be brought to understand that ‘grass isgreenest where it is watered’.Mister Bamenda 2015 pageant shall have to work closely with the UN SpecialRapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery to reverse this situation and fulfillthe principle enshrined in Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of HumanRights.
Thepeculiarity of this year’s Mister Bamenda handsome pageant event is the factthat it shall showcase an uprising of fresh andfearless comics poking fun and changing people’s mindset and society at large,one joke at a time. Itshall also be an epic journey of discovery to find the freshest comicvoices in the most unlikely places. We do this with the understanding that: “Nomatter where you live or what your beliefs are, our love of laughter issomething we all have in common.’’ Nobody ignores the fact that: “Laughteropens our ears and our hearts—and once people are listening, who knows whatthey might be inspired to do?” Our hope also, is that since all the returningvictims from Kuwait complain of having cried off all their tears out there,they comedy will revitalize them and also spark conversation and inspireparticipants to take action around these issues.
WhoCan be the pageant?
Unlike other fashion contests thattarget physical beauty and handsomeness, A Common Future believes that the realhandsomeness today lies in character and will-power. Beyond physicalappearance, we are looking for somebody between the ages of 18-30 who is boldand committed enough to articulate issues of human rights and slavery withinthe next 12 months. Although preference would be given to a returning victimsfrom the Middle East, the winner must be somebody who is outgoing with goodpublic relations qualities that can enable him raise funds for the ‘slaveeffort’ just as Cameroonians have been raising same for Boko Haram, so as to#Bring Back Our Girls who, like the Chibok girls, are in captivity in theMiddle East.Calling on Sponsors, Vendors andVolunteers
Mister Bamenda 2015 Pageant has great sponsorship and vendoropportunities to fit all budgets. Sponsoring MisterBamenda 2015 has great benefits, getyour brand visible within the community and reach a highly targeted audience. Inthe days ahead, tickets would be available both online and offline. Watch outfor early bird tickets this month. Tickets will cost more in August.
For more information on sponsorship and vendor opportunities please contact usas soon as possible through acommonfuture1 at or call [237]. 677 8524 76If you want to be a contestant, sponsor, vendor or volunteer for the MisterBamenda 2015 event, contact any of the following addresses:
Bamenda: Philo Happi [Eden Newspaper-Chemist, Bamenda], Stella [STV MettaQuarters-Bamenda], Wancha Cynthia [Radio Hot Cocoa], Press & Associates[Ndefcam Radio, Ghana Street-Bamenda]
Limbe: Tembang Solomon [Eden Newspaper-Limbe]
Kumba: Talla Christopher [The Sun Newspaper-Kumba
Douala: Peter Nsoesie [STV Douala]
Yaoundé: Kini Nsom [The Post Newspaper Yaoundé]  
For any further details on sponsorship and vendoropportunities please contact Gwain Colbert, Co-Founder, Executive Director of ACommon Future, as soon as possible through acommonfuture1 at or call [237]. 67785 24 76

Posted By Blogger to Dignity Television on 7/14/2015 12:03:00 a.m.

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