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[16days_discussion] Amnesty International: Protecting Pimps, Johns & Traffickers

Kathleen Sloan kathysloan128 at
Mon Aug 17 10:04:14 EDT 2015

This is must-reading about the horrific violence against women that is
prostitution and why Amnesty International must be boycotted for
facilitating it.

"In the sickness of modern culture, the ability to exploit with impunity is
distorted into a human right even by a renowned and respected humanitarian
organization. That is quite a card trick. We live in a global culture where
the wretched of the earth are chattel and where sexual slavery—which is
what most prostituted women and girls around the globe endure—is sanctified
by market forces. These women and girls are among our most vulnerable.
After being crushed by poverty, racism and sexism, they are unable to find
other ways to make a sustainable income. They are treated little better
than livestock transported to markets for consumption. That a so-called
human rights organization parrots vile justifications is emblematic of the
depth of our moral degeneration and the triumph of misogyny."

Kathy Sloan
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