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[16days_discussion] Fwd: [WUNRN] Men to Men Strategy Toolkit on Working with Men to Combat Gender-Based Violence

Radha Paudel rpaudel456 at
Thu Aug 6 23:27:22 EDT 2015


I find it very useful !

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Men to Men Strategy Toolkit on Working with Men to Combat Gender-Based

Direct Link to Full 80-Page FEMNET Toolkit:



Published by African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET),
the Men to Men Strategy Toolkit shares information, tools, activities, and
skills building ideas and methods to support organisations and individuals
to better understand the dynamics of working with men to address gender
based violence (GBV) in collaboration with women's rights organisations in
Africa. It explores the myths and misconceptions of working with men, men's
fears and strengths, and suggests some of the tested and working ideas that
can be adopted, domesticated, or improved for a greater impact. It
specifically addresses how to engage men to change negative socio-cultural
attitudes that make them look down on women and girls as lesser human

The toolkit can also be used to build a constituency of men to address other
social issues that relate to human development and more specifically the
intersection between GBV and the spread of HIV in Africa.

The toolkit consists of seven chapters, each dedicated to a component of
involving men in combating GBV:

*         Chapter 1: History of the men to men regional programme - provides
the historical background of the Men to Men Programme. It traces the origin
of the initiative, locates it within the context of other initiatives in
different parts of the world and provides the philosophical rationale for
involving men to combat GBV.

*         Chapter 2: Understanding beliefs, values, and principles in
working with men - looks at the beliefs (what the men are convinced about),
values (what drives their work), and operational principles (how the men
combat GBV) of the Men to Men Programme. This chapter also covers the myths
and misconceptions about male gender advocates and provides counter-veiling

*         Chapter 3: How to work with men in constituency building - looks
at the mobilisation and sustenance of men into the movement against GBV. It
details strategies that have been successfully used to inspire, recruit, and
retain men into the movement. The chapter describes different constituencies
of men and how to mobilise them.

*         Chapter 4: How to undertake capacity building for men - is on
capacity building and training for the constituency of men combating GBV.
Apart from specifying how the movement understands capacity building, the
chapter provides details on different types of activities carried out to
improve the knowledge, transform the attitudes and enhance the skills of men
to combat GBV.

*         Chapter 5: How to engage men in practical interventions - focuses
on practical interventions i.e. the various activities carried out by the
men in prevention and response to potential or actual cases of GBV. Beyond
describing the activities, the chapter also lists the characteristics of an
effective practical intervention.

*         Chapter 6: How to mobilise resources for men's programmes - the
chapter examines general principles and approaches to resource mobilisation,
strategies that have been successfully used by the Men to Men Programme, and
guidelines on how to develop convincing resource mobilisation strategies.

*         Chapter 7: How to monitor and evaluate men's programmes - looks at
the monitoring and evaluation of Men to Men programmes. It highlights key
elements to look at in determining the progress and success of the Men to
Men initiatives and therefore what to plan and report on.


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