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[16days_discussion] Gender-based Violence e-learning course (29 October-9 December 2014)

Nate Weisenberg n.weisenberg at
Mon Oct 6 15:36:22 EDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Do you want to learn more about how to develop programming to address, respond to and prevent gender-based violence?

HREA's 6-week instructor-led online course on GBV starts on 29 October. You will find a course description and further details below or at<>.

29 October-9 December 2014

This e-learning course introduces participants to general definitions, concepts and normative and legal frameworks related to concepts of GBV. The course will cover forms, causes and consequences of GBV in conflict contexts, as well as on an endemic basis. Prevention and response programming, as well as models underpinning mainstreaming and targeted actions on GBV, and the need for coordinated approaches will be covered. The course will provide basic knowledge and skills on GBV to staff of international humanitarian and development organisations aiming to deepen their understanding and engagement on GBV responsive programming.

After taking this course, participants will:
* be able to define and describe definitions and forms of GBV, and its causes and consequences;
* gain a generic understanding of different approaches to preventing and responding to GBV, including mainstreaming and specific actions on GBV;
* enhance knowledge on the key models that underpin programming approaches, including key elements of promoting coordinated action on GBV.

This e-learning course involves approximately 30 hours of reading, discussion, webinars, a written assignment and quizzes, and is offered over a 6-week period. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Course outline

Week 1. Exploring Gender-based Violence
Week 2. Understanding Gender-based Violence - Causes, Contributing Factors and Impacts
Week 3. Conflict-related Gender-based Violence
Week 4. Approaches to Addressing GBV
Week 5. Gender-based Violence Programming - Prevention and Response
Week 6. Mainstreaming Approaches to Addressing Gender-based Violence

Tuition fee for participants: $US 575; tuition for auditors: $215.
For more detailed information and online registration, please visit<>.

Best wishes,

Nate Weisenberg, Training Coordinator
Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
689 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-3302 USA
Tel: +1 617 301-4323 | Fax: +1 617 249-0278 | Skype ID: nate.weisenberg
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