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[16days_discussion] Take Back the Tech! Special Campaign Starts 21 July

Sara Baker sara.baker at
Fri Jul 18 12:59:38 EDT 2014

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to participate in the Take Back the Tech!
campaign focusing on transparency on violence against women through social
media platforms. We will kick off Monday, 21 July, but we will be building
buzz over the weekend.

With this campaign, we want Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to:

   - Take a clear stand on violence against women in their terms of services
   - Engage with divers civil society to find solutions for safer platforms

You and your network can participate in the following ways:

   - Ask: "What are you doing about violence against women?" Use our
   questions and tweets to request more information from these companies under
   #whatareyoudoingaboutVAW or #MujeryViolenciaQHacesTu
   - Rate: Use our report card format
   rate social media on various aspects related to violence against women.
   We'll compile and share results.
   - Share: Have a story about your own experience? Let us know! Tweet,
   film, post and blog stories. Add them anonymously to our map
   - Demand: Tell these companies what you want. Share your solutions.
   We'll follow up by sending them crowdsourced ideas they can put into

The campaign kit can be accessed on our homepage in English, French and
Spanish. (Right now there are a few links in the kit that aren't live, but
they will be soon.)

Follow us at:

@takebackthetech <>

Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks for your support. I
hope to see you online Monday!


Sara Baker
Take Back the Tech! Coordinator  <>
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