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[16days_discussion] Updates: Day 1 and Day 2 of the 16 Days Campaign

16 Days Campaign 16days at
Tue Nov 26 10:09:57 EST 2013


Today is Day 2 of the 16 Days Campaign and we are continuing to see a 
huge turnout of participants holding activities all around the world, 
and using social media to bring attention to gender-based violence, 
militarism, economic, and social rights. You can see what's happening 
throughout the Campaign by checking the events bulletin: 
** and sharing 

We are also posting events planned by you, retweeting from others to 
highlight the great work they are doing, and sharing other information. 
Below are some items we have been posting on social media (Twitter, 
Facebook, and Tumblr) and we encourage you read, comment, and share. In 
case you have missed any of our posts,we are sending you a few key posts 
made in the last two days to keep you in the loop.


*Monday, November 25 - Day 1 and International Day for the Elimination 
of Violence Against Women*

Question of the Day: * The right to be free from gender-based violence 
is linked with economic, social, and political freedoms -- How do you 
see this playing out?

*Read the blog post by***Bernedette Muthien on intersectionality in the 
South African context [In 1993, the year of the germinal UN conference 
in Vienna, the first President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, affirmed 
that all freedoms (and hence oppressions) are interdependent. This 
speaks critically to intersectionality, the study of the interactions of 
multiple systems of oppression, and its intersections with privilege...] 
Read more: <>** Please comment and 
share. *Follow her: */@BerneMuthien <>/

Tuesday, November 26*
Question of the Day: *What are you doing to address GBV and militarism?
*Read the new blog post* by Patricia Guerrero on gender-based violence 
and impunity in Colombia!<>[Cincuenta años de guerra e 
impunidad contra las mujeres objetivo de violencia sexual...].Read more: 
<>** Please comment and share. 
*Follow her**:*/@angela_guer <>/

Find us on Twitter: *@16DaysCampaign 
<>* & on  Facebook: 

Follow & use the hashtag #*16days* 
<> to join in the 

Send back your comments via email or go on to Twitter or Facebook and 
share with everyone there! Use this hashtag #*16days* 
<> to be heard in the 


Zarin Hamid

Program Coordinator

The 16 Days Team
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign
Center for Women's Global Leadership
School of Arts and Sciences | Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey
160 Ryders Lane | New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555
Tel: 1-848-932-8782 | Fax: 1-732-932-1180
Email:16days at  | Website:
Join the conversation on Twitter!: @16DaysCampaign

What Does Security Mean to You?  Join us in redefining security from the ground up:

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