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[16days_discussion] Seeking Women Human Rights Defenders to Profile for Article on 16 Days

Rebecca Landy rebecca.landy at
Mon Nov 25 09:08:09 EST 2013

Hi Colleagues,

Apologies for any cross-posting. I am sure you are all excited for the
start of the 16 Days on Today!

I am working on an article for PolicyMic <> telling
the stories of a few of the women around the world who are participating in
the 16 days of activism, a sort of "meet the women fighting against
VAW/GBV" piece. To that end I would greatly appreciate if you could
recommend and put me in touch with any WHRDs to profile.

I am sure this is a busy time for everyone, but as you can imagine this
article has a short turnaround time, so I would appreciate any
recommendations as soon as possible.

Thank you!

In solidarity,

Rebecca Landy

Amnesty International USA, Women's Human Rights Coordination Group
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