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[16days_discussion] 16days_discussion Digest, Vol 67, Issue 10

Dr Sophia C Crocheron peaceowifounder at
Thu Nov 21 06:19:33 EST 2013

What does Human Security Mean to me? is a question that I will ask among my
Facebook friends and in person to those with whom I work here in West
Africa.  After reading this very old message from 6 December 2011, (you see
I never through away my mail until I've read or looked at it), regarding
the "1989: Gunman massacres 14 women at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique", I
am reminded of our frailty as individuals. As your comment above inquires,
are we safe with the protection of police officers, the military, security
guards, etc? Or is it a training of some sort that happens during our
upbringing as children or while we are in schools away from home with no
one to explain what the significance of life means to each and every one of
us?  I am concerned...not to the point of staying home and never leaving
out again...but concerned that we must find ways to do more than teach --
but demonstrate each and every moment of the day how we feel about the
preciousness of each other.

I know it is difficult.  I have been living in West Africa now for some 17
months. I decided to move here to retire and believe me, I have learned
that what I thought is not the reality.  I hope to hear from someone about
any follow-up on this question and about groups in and outside Canada who
are working on ceasing violence against women and girls.  It seems to be an
epidemic as it grows and spreads.  I am reminded that love is the answer.
 It is what I feel is the answer.  But, I cannot love alone.  Some of us
cannot phantom even the meaning of love or using the word.

I do await a response.

Dr. Sophia Asaviour Crocheron (Afordoanyi)
The Voice for Peace
*2008 & 2010 Recipient *of the Spirit of Detroit Award
*2007 Humanitarian Award Recipient *for Excellence in International
Community Outreach
Founder, Peace of the World International <>
Founder, African American Women's Leadership Congress<>

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> Dear 16 Days Participants,
> Today, the Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL) marks the
> anniversary of the 1989 Montreal Massacre, the day on which fourteen
> women were murdered at the University of Montreal's School of
> Engineering, specifically because of their gender.These women became
> symbols of the injustices against women, leading to increased awareness
> about and commitments to reducing violence against women.
> At CWGL, we are using the 16 Days Campaign to think about what human
> security means to all of us.Often when we hear about security, it is in
> terms of state security: the military, police, private armies, or other
> security sector agents.But do these forces really make us feel
> safer?What does human security really mean to us?
> We invite those from around the world to share what security means to
> you <cid:part1.06050401.09020503 at>, and to share this
> invitation with your networks.We encourage everyone to participate!
> In solidarity,
> The 16 Days Team
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