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[16days_discussion] Fwd: Ethiopia - FGM - Report

16 Days Campaign 16days at
Fri Nov 8 11:31:45 EST 2013

FYI  - new report on FGM in Ethiopia.

Source: WUNRN

*Direct Link to Full 80-Page 2013 Report:*

The prime purpose of this Ethiopia FGM Country Profile is to provide 
improved understanding of the issues relating to FGM in the wider 
framework of gender equality and social change in Ethiopia. By collating 
the research to date, this Country Profile can act as a benchmark to 
profile the current situation. As organisations send us their findings, 
reports, tools and models of change, we can update these reports and 
show where progress is being made. Whilst there are numerous challenges 
to overcome before FGM is eradicated in Ethiopia, many programmes are 
making positive active change and government legislation offers a useful 
base platform for deterring FGM practice.

This Ethiopia Profile shows (with earlier data,) FGM in 15-49 year olds 
has decreased by 16%, from 73% (NCTPE, 1997) to 57% (EGLDAM, 2007). The 
national DHS survey showed a reduction of 5.6% prevalence over 5 years: 
79.9% (2000) to 74.3% (2005), however, the survey was not repeated in 
the latest DHS published in 2011. (More recent statistics are needed.)

Despite this progress, FGM remains a serious concern in Ethiopia and has 
affected 23.8 million women and girls, making it the second highest 
country in Africa by affected numbers. This is due to FGM being carried 
out across the majority of regions and ethnic groups, with the highest 
adoption being in Afar in the north east (up to 91.6%), the Somali 
region in the south east bordering Somalia (up to 97.3%) and in Dire 
Dawa (92.3%). FGM in Ethiopia is associated with other harmful 
traditional practices, and is linked with low female literacy rates; 
inequality of women?s status, early marriage and poor economic/political 


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