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[16days_discussion] Fwd: Fwd: Transforming Social Norms to Prevent VAW - Online Discussion

16 Days 16days at
Mon Feb 4 15:54:40 EST 2013

Dear Activists,

There is an online discussion  taking place from 4-13 February 2013 on 
*"Transforming social norms to prevent violence against women and 
girls"*. Your feedback will be included in a summary report during the 
CSW 57. Access the discussion forum by visiting the link below and 
typing in your comments under "Online Discussion". 

16 Days Team



*Banner TransformingSocialNormsVAW.png*

Online Discussion from 4 until 13 February!


        Wikigender Online Discussion
        Transforming social norms to prevent violence against women and

Wikigender would like to hear your views, lessons learned and best 
practices or policies in ending violence against women.

*Participate in this online discussion* 
and be heard at a side event on the topic of *social norms* 
- e.g. traditions and practices that shape or restrict the decisions, 
choices and behaviours of groups, communities and individuals - and the 
prevention of violence against women (VAW) and girls, taking place on 4 
March 2013 during the fifty-seventh session of the *Commission on the 
Status of Women* 
(CSW) in New York!.

CSW57.jpg <>

The event will be co-organised by the OECD Development Centre and the 
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Wikigender, *Breakthrough* 
<>, *End Violence 
Against Women* 
(EVAW UK), the _*Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland*_ 
*Partners for Prevention (P4P)* 
(P4P) and *Womankind Worldwide* 
<> invite you to 
participate in this online discussion on *"Transforming social norms to 
prevent violence against women and girls"*. The inputs from the 
Wikigender community will be presented via a summary report at the event.

To participate, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your 
comment from Monday 04/02 onwards.


The 2013 theme for the fifty-seventh session of the Commission on the 
Status of Women (CSW) is on the Elimination and prevention of all forms 
of violence against women and girls. In this context, Wikigender is 
hosting an online discussion on the topic, with a particular focus on 
social norms.

The OECD Development Centre's 2012 _*Social Institutions and Gender 
Index*_ <> (SIGI) found that while there has been 
progress in some areas, discriminatory social norms and practices which 
undermine gender equality and contribute to violence against women 
remain persistent and pervasive. For example, despite the introduction 
of laws, attitudes that normalise violence against women persist: on 
average, for the countries scored in the SIGI, around 1 in 2 women 
believe domestic violence is justified in certain circumstances. Female 
genital mutilation (FGM) is another discriminatory practice that remains 
prevalent in many countries in Africa (for example Somalia has the 
highest prevalence at 98%), despite improvements in some countries like 
Kenya, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Malawi. Missing women, stemming from 
female foeticide and sex-selective abortions, remains a serious problem 
in some countries, particularly in South Asia and East Asia and the 

Violence against women bears significant and enduring consequences for 
women and their communities. Violence against women is closely linked to 
poor health outcomes for women and girls, including maternal mortality 
and vulnerability to HIV; and it negatively impacts on women's access to 
economic resources and opportunities both in and outside the household. 
This new online discussion will therefore be a unique opportunity to 
capture your views on how we can transform social norms to prevent 
violence against women. There are many initiatives and campaigns 
throughout the world raising awareness of VAW and seeking to create a 
different world. We particularly welcome contributions from implementers 
at program and project level, the sharing of reports or discussions on 
the topic, as well as contributions on VAW data.


  * *Key issues*: What type of social norms and attitudes contribute to
    violence against women? What are the entry points for changing
    social norms and attitudes that support violence against women? What
    are the challenges for changing social norms that support violence
    against women?
  * *Examples, case-studies*: In your area/region, what are examples of
    successful policies, initiatives, campaigns and programmes that
    tackle social norms related to violence against women and girls? Are
    there approaches that are more effective than others in changing
    attitudes? How can we harness the power of new technologies and the
    media? What role does men and boys' involvement play?
  * *Action required*: What actions should governments, donors,
    international organisations and civil society take to transform
    social norms to prevent violence against women and girls? What type
    of data should be collected to monitor changes in social norms?

*See past Wikigender online discussions 

      Key Resources

  * _*Expert Group Meeting*_
    Prevention of violence against women and girls (17-20 September
    2012, Bangkok, Thailand).
  * _*Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and
    domestic violence*_
    (Istanbul Convention)
  * The Campaign _*Say No -- UNiTE to End Violence against Women*_
  * _*White Ribbon Campaign*_ <> (Australia)
  * _*Take Back the Tech*_ <>
  * _*Amnesty International*_ <>
  * _*End Violence Against Women Coalition*_
    <> (UK)
  * _*Womankind Worldwide*_ <> (UK)
  * _*Partners for Prevention*_ <> -- a
    UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women and UNV Asia-Pacific Regional Joint Programme
    for Gender-based Violence Prevention
  * _*Breakthrough*_ <> -- for their campaign on
    VAW, visit the *[1]* <> Bell Bajao website
  * The _*Sonke Gender Justice Network*_ <>
  * _*The GBV Prevention Network*_ <>
  * _*The VAW Prevention Network*_
  * ICRW, _*VAW page*_
  * Lori L. Heisk, _*What Works to Prevent Partner Violence?*_
    (Working Paper, December 2011)
  * UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, _*The Dynamics of social change*_
    Towards The abandonment of female genital mutilation/cutting in five
    African countries (Innocenti Insight, October 2010)

      Wikigender articles (a selection)

/Violence against women/

  * *Violence against women*
  * *Violence against women and the Millennium Development Goals*

  * *Honour crimes* <>
  * *Female Genital Mutilation*
  * *Domestic violence*
  * *Conjugal violence*
  * *Missing women* <>
  * *Early marriage* <>
  * *Rape* <> and *Marital rape*
  * *UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict*

  * *International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women*

  * *Maria da Penha law*

/Case studies/

  * *Gender violence in India*
  * *Domestic violence against women in Brazil*

  * *Domestic violence in India*
  * *Conjugal violence in France*
  * *Haiti: Fighting gender-based violence in the post-quake

  * *Ciudad Juárez: 'Feminicidios' and Sexual Violence*

To contact the list administrator, or to leave the list, send an email 
to: wunrn_listserve-request at Thank you.
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