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[16days_discussion] REGISTER NOW! Upcoming Workshop on ICCPR, CERD, and UPR in NYC (August 21, 2013)

16 Days Campaign 16days at
Mon Aug 5 12:46:55 EDT 2013

FYI, for anyone in the New York area:

Please join the US Human Rights Network and the Center for Women's 
Global Leadership for */Using Human Rights to Support your Activism: An 
Interactive Workshop/ to be held in New York City on August 21, 2013, 
1:00pm -- 4:00pm*, to learn the many ways in which social justice 
activists can get involved in the upcoming international human rights 
review processes.

*RSVP Required. Space is Limited so Register Today. **Click here to 

In the coming years, the United States will undergo several human rights 
reviews. In October the United Nations (UN) will review the U.S. 
Government on its human rights progress under the ICCPR (International 
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights). In 2014, the UN will review 
U.S. Government progress under the CERD (Convention on the Elimination 
of All Forms of Racial Discrimination).  In 2015 the U.S. Government 
will undergo its second Universal Periodic Review, which looks at the 
U.S. human rights record with respect to all rights - civil, political, 
economic, social and cultural.

Discussions will cover current concerns related to reproductive rights, 
racial profiling, racial discrimination, worker's rights, and other 
human rights in the United States, and strategies for using 
international human rights tools to support activist advocacy efforts.


Representative, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human 

Ejim Dike, Executive Director, US Human Rights Network

Katrina Anderson, Human Rights Counsel, U.S. Legal Program, Center for 
Reproductive Rights

Amanda McRae, Advocacy Adviser, Global Legal Program, Center for 
Reproductive Rights

Chandra Bhatnagar, Senior Staff Attorney, Human Rights Program, American 
Civil Liberties Union


Margot Baruch, Program Coordinator, Center for Women's Global Leadership


Center for Reproductive Rights

120 Wall Street

New York, New York  10005

United States

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New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555
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