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[16days_discussion] Global Campaign to Stop Stoning Petition - please sign and circulate

16days (Task Account) 16days at
Fri Apr 5 11:59:10 EDT 2013

Dear Activists and Friends,

Please, consider joining the "Global Campaign to Stop Stoning" by signing on and circulating this petition: Below is a message from WLUML about this campaign:

On the 8 th of March, WLUML networkers and activists, Elahe Amani, Leila Mouri, Louis A. Herman, Wazmah Frogh, and Zarizana Abdul Aziz held a panel on stoning at the 57 th UN Commission on the Status of Women . The panel attracted a large number of audience, people were even reported to be sitting on the floor!

The panel signaled the beginning of the ‘Global Campaign to Stop Stoning’ which calls for a UN resolution to end the inhuman practice that disproportionately targets girls and women. Stoning is not simply a relic of the past. In fourteen countries around the world, this brutal punishment and form of torture continues to exist in the here and now!

Cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment cannot be tolerated, and the universality of human rights must not be held hostage in the name of ‘culture’ or tradition. Stoning must be prohibited in law and in practice, and perpetrators must be brought to justice ! Please join us in our struggle and help make these barbaric forms of punishment and control a thing of the past!

To join the ‘Global Campaign to Stop Stoning’ please start by signing and widely circulating the petition .

Your solidarity and support are greatly appreciated!


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