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[16days_discussion] Fwd: September 28 ACTION ALERT #3: Europe

16 Days 16days at
Mon Sep 24 11:30:51 EDT 2012

Sorry for cross-posting!

Dear colleagues,

Please see WGNRR's video and Newsletter for September 28th Global Day of 
Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion below! In this number we 
are highlighting Poland and Spain WHRD's work.
Please disseminate widely!

Vanessa Coria
On behalf of the WGNRR team

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Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights 

All around the world, people are mobilising to demand access to safe and 
legal abortion, access that can save lives. Join the reproductive 
justice movement by getting involved in the organisations, networks, and 
coalitions working in your region for sexual and reproductive rights for 
diverse actions
different places

We're very excited to announce the debut of the September 28 Global Day 
of Action for Accessible, Legal and Safe Abortion! Check it out below 
and make sure to 'like' it!

Watch the Video 

*This week's issue focuses on Europe.*

Day of action of materials in French, Spanish, Polish are available on 
the website 

In July 2012, *Spain*'s conservative government announced plans to roll 
back abortion legislation. The legislation passed in 2010 by the 
previous Socialist government provided for abortion on demand for up to 
14 weeks of pregnancy, and up to  22 weeks in cases of risks to the 
mother's health or serious fetal deformities, legislation which is in 
line with most European countries. The conservative Popular Party (PP) 
government would make it illegal for abortion in cases of severe fetal 
deformities and would also require teenagers seeking abortion to provide 
parental consent.

As part of September 28 Day of Action activities, the Spanish Platform 
on Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights launched a Call for Action 
for the whole country. Find the Call for Action and the Platform 
Manifesto here 
<>. (Image 
via AFP)

This month, the Polish parliament is set to vote on the issue of whether 
to liberalise its current abortion legislation. *Poland*, a staunchly 
Catholic country, has some of the toughest abortion laws in Europe. 
Under the current legislation, a woman is legally allowed an abortion 
subsidised by the government only in cases of rape, if there is risk to 
the mother's health, or if there are severe fetal deformities. However, 
most health care providers will object to the procedure on the grounds 
of religious belief, which many argue has driven abortion 'underground', 
leading to huge financial costs and health risks for women seeking 
abortion. A new bill introduced to parliament would allow abortion up to 
12 weeks of pregnancy, as well as providing free or subsidised 
contraceptives and a more comprehensive sex education program in schools.
(Image from a 2007 pro-choice protest in Poland, via Time).

*Agata's story, Poland*
/"...doctors told Agata they could not treat her because their 
“conscience did not allow” them."/
Agata, a young Polish lawyer, was engaged to be married and became 
pregnant. Though it was a wanted pregnancy, complications arose that 
severely threatened her health and she was admitted to hospital, where 
doctors refused to treat her.

Read more of Agata's story on the website. 

The September 28 website's Mobilise 
<> section 
has a number of noteworthy petitions and signature campaigns calling for 
accessible, free and legal abortion around the world. We encourage you 
to sign these petitions and spread the word to your friends, colleagues, 
and networks.

SPAIN: Let women choose! 

POLAND: Petion MPs to support new liberalised abortion laws! 

Federation for Women and Family Planning 
discussion panel, film screening, press conference and cycle ride for SRHR.

Xarxa de dones per la salut 
demonstration on September 28, 2012.

United Left Alliance 
public meeting on the struggle for full termination rights in Ireland.
March for Choice 
a pro-choice celebration in Dublin.

Abortion Rights 
demonstration calling for full rights in Northern Ireland and full 
decriminalisation in the UK.
Voice for Choice 
public meeting, "Taking abortion out of criminal law".

RAPD / Pro-Choice Coalition 
workshop, video launch and website reports. For more information, go 
<> or 
check out their Facebook page 

*Have you got an activity planned for September 28? *
  We encourage you to share your planned activities for the Day of 
Action and we welcome your agreement to feature your activities on the 
September 28 website.  If you wish your activity to be featured on the 
website, please email us at sept28global at 
<mailto:sept28global at>  with details of your event (e.g. time 
and location, brief description).

Our latest featured resource is this great publication from Ipas, 
discussing actions that can be taken to bring about improvements in 
women's health related to unsafe abortion:
Ipas: 10 ways to effectively address unsafe abortion 

Below are the official rulings and analyses of 2 cases that went before 
the ECHR, regarding Poland's abortion laws

Center for Reproductive Rights: summary of R.R. v. Poland 
Although Poland's abortion law is restrictive, it does allow for 
abortion due to fetal deformity. However, after her doctor noticed 
irregularities in a sonogram, a woman was denied a genetic prenatal 
examination, a prerequisite for undergoing an abortion in Poland. She 
was then denied access to an abortion to which she was legally entitled, 
because doctors and the hospitals were unwilling to perform even a legal 
The official ruling from the ECHR 

Center for Reproductive Rights: summary of Tysiac v. Poland 
Alicja Tysiąc, a Polish woman, was suffering from severe myopia. 
Pregnant for the third time, she consulted three ophthalmologists who 
concluded that carrying the pregnancy to term constituted a serious risk 
to her eyesight... However, the head of gynecology and obstetrics 
department of a clinic in Warsaw declined to terminate the pregnancy 
stating that there were no medical grounds for a therapeutic abortion.
The official ruling from the ECHR 

Make your voice heard and stay in the loop via social media.  The Day of 
Action is now on Facebook and Twitter!

FACEBOOK: Some European activities for September 28 have been posted in 
the comments section of the Facebook Event page 
including a September 28 event in Ireland and September 28 materials in 
French, Spanish and Polish.

TWITTER: If you haven't already, make sure to follow @sept28abortion 
<> and 
#safeabortionnow to stay in the loop as the Day of Action draws near! 
Also check out @wgnrr 
<> to 
stay up-to-date with latest SRHR news. 


/Copyright © 2012 Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights, All 
rights reserved./
We would be glad to hear from you about any comments, queries or 
clarifications you may have. There are a number of ways to reach us: 
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WGNRR is a southern-based global network that builds and strengthens 
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