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[16days_discussion] Rape Culture

Jeanne Sarson twin2 at
Wed Sep 19 11:00:38 EDT 2012

Hello Everyone;

As shocking but yet not surprising as this article, On ‘Predator and Prey Day’ Boys Hunt Girls, by Piper Hoffman is, it is a very important piece of reporting. There is another layer of importance that is not addressed probably because it consists of a reality that has yet to be disclosed. I will disclose it now. 

My colleague, Linda MacDonald, and I have been, since 1993, grass root supporters and human right defenders of women mainly who have survived torture by private persons or non-state actors. In the course of these almost 20 years we have been trusted to hear their life-threatening ordeals. These ordeals have included being told of “hunting games”. For example, one woman spoke of being taken to cabins in the woods and told to start running that she was going to be hunted down. She ran and guns were fired. Of course there is never an escape. A childhood ‘story’ involving human trafficking, which has always been present in the non-state torture ordeals that we have experienced listening to, mean the woman when she was a young child was taken to a strange city. Taken out onto the street she was told to start running so that the torturers could have the pleasure of chasing her down. ‘Hunting games’ are about the torturers considering ‘creative’ ways to satisfy the pleasures derived from the infliction of terror. 

So, for Linda and I this article is most important. It enables us to tell and write of the ‘hunting game’ stories that have been entrusted to us. It enables us to refer to the article in a manner that lends support to the reality of ‘hunting games’. It helps to remove the denial we usually are confronted with when we speak of the ‘creative’ brutalities are non-state torturers inflict. 

The other point I make is that Linda and I have also been told that necrophilic bestiality occurs during hunting seasons—the hunter rapes his kill. So the ‘hunting game’ described in Piper Hoffman’s article must be taken seriously for many many reasons. The attitudes and pleasures such ‘games’ trigger can be inter-generationally dangerous but could also be deadly.

Classic non-state torture is an emerging human rights violation, it has been a struggle to have it visibilized, but it must be if humanity is to progress. 

Kathy and 16 days thanks so much for sharing the article.

Jeanne Sarson 

From: Kathleen Sloan 
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 10:41 AM
To: 16 Days Discussion 
Subject: [16days_discussion] Rape Culture

Rape culture is endemic and pervasive in American society.  This event at a high school is far beyond appalling and sickening. 

Kathy Sloan
National Organization for Women (NOW)

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