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[16days_discussion] Fwd: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in Human Rights Law - UN

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Subject: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in Human Rights Law - UN
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Complete UN Press Release:


*The UN Human Rights Office has released a new publication on sexual
orientation and gender identity in international human rights law.*

It sets out the source and scope of some of the core legal obligations that
States have to protect the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) people. The 60-page booklet is designed as a tool for
States, to help them better understand the nature of their obligations and
the steps required to meet them, as well as for civil society activists,
human rights defenders and others seeking to hold Governments to account
for breaches of international human rights law.......

The booklet focuses on five core obligations where national action is most
urgently needed – from protecting people from homophobic violence, to
preventing torture, decriminalizing homosexuality, prohibiting
discrimination, and safeguarding freedom of expression, association and
peaceful assembly for all LGBT people. For each, the basis of the State
obligation in international human rights law is explained with reference to
the substantial body of decisions, recommendations and guidance issued by
United Nations human rights mechanisms. The booklet also includes examples
of actions that can be taken at a national level to bring laws, policies
and practices into line with applicable international human rights

*Direct Link to Full 54-Page Publication:*


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