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[16days_discussion] Congressional Record !

radha paudel rpaudel456 at
Wed Sep 12 20:42:51 EDT 2012

*Congressional Record and NEPAL IS THERE ! SORRY FOR CROSS POSTING !*


*Tribute to the Women Peacemakers Program at the University of San Diego on
its 10th Anniversary*


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr. Speaker, I wish to pay tribute today to the Women PeaceMakers Program
at the University of San Diego, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this

The award-winning Women PeaceMakers Program, which is based at the
university’s Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ), documents
the stories and practices of international women leaders who are involved
in human rights and peacemaking efforts in their home countries. It was
founded on the idea that history is rarely recorded from women’s
perspectives, especially women on the frontlines of efforts to end violence
and secure peace.

In 2011, the power of such documentation was confirmed when three women
received the Nobel Peace Prize. One was Leymah Gbowee, whose story of
pushing for peace in Liberia might have been forgotten if not for the
documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell.” Similarly, the Women PeaceMakers
Program in San Diego records the stories that are overlooked or neglected
in the media and in history books.

To date, the program has documented the stories of 35 Women PeaceMakers
from 30 countries. This year it has selected four more women, from
Colombia, Kenya, Nepal and the Solomon Islands, to reside for two months on
the campus of the University of San Diego and have their stories recorded
by professional writers and a documentary film team. The location of the
university, overlooking San Diego’s Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean, is
an idyllic one for rest

and reflection for women who often face violence on a daily basis, and who
must struggle for space and security to do their work for peace.

The process of reflection that the women undertake as they share their
stories, contemplating their motivation to become leaders, and why the
initiatives they developed were successful teaches them how to be more
effective peacebuilders when they return to their countries.

It is not only the professional writers, however, who get to hear the
women’s stories and learn of their methods of building peace. Members of
the local community, as well as students and professors at the University
of San Diego and neighboring schools and colleges, have the opportunity to
attend the Women PeaceMakers’ lectures and other public events, and those
events are often streamed live online for national and international
audiences as well. Last year, the university received the Senator Paul
Simon Spotlight Award from NAFSA: The Association of International
Educators, in recognition of the Women PeaceMakers Program and its success
in internationalizing the campus.

Mr. Speaker, please join me in congratulating the Joan B. Kroc Institute
for Peace & Justice and the University of San Diego on a momentous 10th
year of the Women PeaceMakers Program.

U.S. Congresswoman Susan Davis 53rd District, California

2012/9/12 Arjun Mainali <apmainali at>

>  आदरणीय अनिल ज्यु,
> नमस्कार!
> अमेरिकामा बन्न लागेको नेपालि संस्था हरुको संघमा मैले कुनै पद पाउन चाकडी
> गरेको होइन/ म ब्लड डोनर्स अफ अमेरिका बाहेक अरु संस्थामा पदमा रह्दीन भन्ने
> तपाईमा बचन प्रदान गरे/ यदि त्यो संस्था बनेमा त्यसबाट पनि नियमित रुपमा
> रक्तदान कार्यक्रम हुने छ कि भन्ने सानो आशा लागेको छ/ जस्तै तपाइको सानो
> प्रयासले आज क्यालिफोर्निया भरि रक्तदान जस्तो पबित्र कार्यले व्यापकता लिंदै
> गएको छ/ तपाइको प्रत्यक्ष तथा अप्रत्यक्ष सहयोगको लागि हार्दिक धन्यवाद ब्यक्त
> गर्दछु/
> रक्तदानमा तपाइको मित्र,
> अर्जुन प्रसाद मैनाली
> ------------------------------
> From: anilmelvin at
> To: apmainali at; rkhatiwada at; sherpalama at;
> premla at
> CC: rpaudel456 at
> Subject: FW: Sir namaskar (अनिल पाण्डे )
> Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 22:43:05 -0700
> नमस्कार
> सर को मेल पाए को थिय महासंग लाई $५०० दिन आतुर भेनेर sorry  सर त्यों पैसा
> बरु समाज सेबा गर्ने राधा जी जस्तो को हातमा परे हामी जस्तो तपाई को शुव
> चिन्तक को जिउदो आत्मा ले शांति पाउने छ .
> सर नमस्कार,
> कति नेता र  को मात्रपछि लाग्ने अब हामीले पनी अलिकती change लेरौनु पर्यो,
> तेसई ले अब पालो आयो समाज सेवा को तसर्थ हाम्रो राधा जी को interaction
> राख्नु पर्यो सर को शहरमा attach bio हेरू र सकिन छ भने  तुरुन्त interaction
> को प्रोग्राम राखू.
> मैनाली  सर ,
> धन्य बाद
> अनिल पाण्डे

Radha Paudel
*Action Works Nepa*l
email: rpaudel456 at
          actionworksnepal.awon10 at
Skype: rpaudel456
Cell: 977-9849596298
*Your Any Contribution Always Makes Difference for
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