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[16days_discussion] Fwd: SANAM Fellowship Seminar in Delhi on 13 April 2012

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Subject: SANAM Fellowship Seminar in Delhi on 13 April 2012
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South Asian Network to Address Masculinities (SANAM)
Ambedkar University

invite you to presentations from
Understanding Masculinities: Culture, Politics and Social Change - A SANAM
Fellowship Programme*
Friday,13 April 2012, 9:30 AM*
*Room No.CR10, Ambedkar University, Kashmere Gate Campus, Delhi*

Dear Friends,

We would be extremely happy if you could join us on 13 April, 2012 at a
seminar where the first batch of SANAM fellows from India will present
their fellowship projects. The South Asian Network to Address Masculinities
(SANAM) is a regional platform set up two years back by a group of
activists, NGOs, researchers and media practitioners to generate and impart
critical knowledge on masculinities. We wish to contribute towards an
active challenge to the pernicious culture of violence in South Asia that
effects women as well as men and children.

As a beginning SANAM has set up a fellowship programme  . The fellowship
was a phased process constituting three phases.

Phase 1:  An eighteen day residential study programme held at Kathmandu in
February  2011.

Phase 2:  A seven day refresher course in June 2011.

Phase 3:  Implementation of a six month mentored and funded intervention
project in their

respective countries.

The SANAM fellowship supported by Partners for Prevention (P4P), a Joint UN
Programmme, provided an opportunity to 30 fellows selected from Bangladesh,
India, Nepal and Pakistan for a residential study programme on
masculinities and subsequently were provided with a small fellowship
support to conduct their project. The study programme drew a large
contingent of tutors from across the region who taught the course through
seven modules. Please find attached the list of projects that the Indian
fellows undertook and a brief overview of the course.

As we prepare for the second round of fellowships, we look forward to your
participation and feedback on the projects undertaken as well as on the
future design  of the fellowship.

Kindly confirm your participation by dropping a line to:
sanam.southasia at

Look forward to seeing you at the seminar

With Regards,

Anand Pawar ( SAMYAK, Maharashtra) / Bimla Chandrashekhar ( EKTA, Tamil
Nadu) /  Jameel Zamir (IPPF) / Kamla Bhasin ( SANGAT, South Aisa) /  Poonam
Kathuria (SWATI, Gujarat) / Rahul Roy (Aakar, Dehi) / Satish Kumar Singh &
Dr. Abhijit Das (Centre for Health and Social Justice, Delhi) / Prof.
Sanjay Srivastava ( Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi) / Sujata Khandekar
(CORO, Maharashtra) / Sunhash Mendhapurkar ( SUTRA, Himachal Pradesh)


*Date: Friday, 13 April, 2012*

*Time: 9.30 AM to 4:30 PM*

*Venue: Room No. CR10, Ambedkar University, Kashmere Gate. Delhi*

*To reach Ambedkar University Campus:*


*Metro Station*: Kashmere Gate


*By Road*: From Red Fort side drive towards ISBT and take a right turn
towards Lothian Road form the red light before St. James Church. From Ring
Road if coming from Raj Ghat side take a left turn at the ISBT crossing and
then a left at the next crossing. As soon as you approach St. James Church
on your left turn left from the red light.

*Radha Paudel*


*Action Works Nepal*

*email: rpaudel456 at*
*        **actionworksnepal.awon10 at*<actionworksnepal.awon10 at>
*Skype: rpaudel456
Phone: 977-9849596298*


*Your Any Contribution Always Makes Difference for ***

*``Let's Live Together-Miteri Gaun' Campgain*

* *
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