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[16days_discussion] Disturbing Rise in Rape Cases in Ndop, NorthWest, Cameroon

ekua ansah-eshon attwwar at
Sat Mar 31 05:14:55 EDT 2012

Dear Friends, I have just finished reading this report on accendancy of rape in Ndop northwestern part of 

 Cameron and have some questions to ask. 
1. Is there an Association  of  Teachers, if  yes what have they done about this practice that is  bringing their  image into the mud?.If not,
     I belive Cameroon has a national Teachers' Organization which has an affilliation with the World's Teachers'Organization. If this is so  or  even if it is not, Can't we as women mashall our voices in protest to the worlds Teachers Organization and the Cameroon National Teachers' Organization, demanding, professionalizim and ethige the  Cameroonian embassies in their countries with a bombadment of pr otest massages and petition letters with as many signatures as can be collected, denanding redress through justice and compensation for the victim.    As soon as I send this  message off, I will draft the petittion leter for  Ghana and set the machinary in motion for the collection of the signatures. I suggest that since  the rappist   is known, his profile with pictures be circulated to us to attache to the letters. 'It is time to walk our talk'. Iwill send feedback on allactions taken on this issueWe have to use all resources available
 to us to make the change we desire and yearn for. We require defacto equity.  The emancipation move is on. Stay blessed

Ekua Ansah-Eshon
(Executive Coordinator) 

ATCWAR (Advocates and Trainers for Children  Women's  Advancements and Rights) 


Plot # C 32

Airport Ridge(Near MTN Mast), Takoradi
P.O.Box TD 1256
Takoradi Ghana

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Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 10:36 AM
Subject: [16days_discussion] Disturbing Rise in Rape Cases in Ndop, NorthWest, Cameroon

Disturbing Increase in Rape Cases in Ndop, Northwest,
It now seems a day will not pass by without a case of rape being reported in
one part or the other in the North West region of Cameroon, noted for its fair
share of aggressive masculinities. Last March 22, 2012 was the turn of Bamuka,
Ndop where a class six teacher raped a 10 year old girl in his neighborhood. The
34 year old rapist, AKUA Bruno Ache waylaid the young girl as she was moving
back to their home after school in the evening. Forced her into some brutal sex
which left serious wounds on her fragile self.  In pains the young girl rushed home to her
parents who immediately alerted the police before taking her to hospital for
treatment. With pressure from focal point staff of A Common Future and reports
on the local radio station, Stone Fm, the rapist was immediately arrested and
detained by the police for further investigations. Akua Bruno Ache is a staff
of the Government Practicing School, GPS, Group I, Bamuka, Ndop  and does not seem to be at his first
experience. The Head Teacher of the School, herself a woman, later me that the
said Bruno has been a notorious staff, reason why she immediately alerted the
authorities of the Ministry of Basic Education. She has since paid courtesy visits
to the parents of the victim to assure them of her total collaboration in
This incidence comes barely two months after the Head
Teacher of Government Practicing School, GPS Group II, Bamuka-Ndop, fingered
over 35 of his school pupils in less than one week. The story goes that he
would call girls of less than 08 years into his office and start the fingering
process. The incident only came to the public when one of the tender girls went
home and started feeling some serious sensations around her private part and
was forced to report to the parents who immediately alerted the police. The
Head Teacher has since confessed his nasty dealings and is now awaiting trial
at the Ndop Central Prison.
 The two incidences has had a devastating effect on the
victims’ families as well as on the safety and security of teenage girls in Ndop
in particular and the Northwest in general if nothing is done and urgently.
This makes the attainment of the MDGs in Cameroon a far cry as no concerted
actions are taken to redress such occurrences. The old man raped this teenage
girl for his own distorted and selfish ends. 
A Common Future organization wants to make sure a serious
charge is meted on the culprits, not a downgraded one. Given that the rapists
are teachers whom society has entrusted the lives of children to them and who
are expected to be the light and teach by example, we wish to lobby for a
public hearing where the media would cover so they could be named and shamed.
This follow-up is needed and urgent because if the court is not seen to be
monitored, it will be tempted to met out a lesser charge of attempted rape when
the real charge is rape of a minor as the Head Mistress herself has put in her
report to hierarchy. As Women Human Rights Defenders, together with Gender
Equality and Development Network, GEADNET, and the Cameroon Lawyers for Human
Rights, CLHR, we would follow-up all stakeholders in the case, viz, the legal
department, the examining magistrate, the courts, and the prisons. We request
the severest punishment for the culprits as a deterrent to other male teachers
who go for the easier way to satisfy their selfish needs. Close follow-up of
this horrendous incident is needed so that it should not be hoodwinked by the
culprit’s family that is wealthy and rich and likely to use their influence to
impress on the judicial process. Given that the victim’s family is poor and
living on less than $1 a day, they would be unable to follow through
complicated court proceedings.
It should be recalled that rape, especially of minors is
becoming a currency in the Cameroon society. In Secondary schools and
universities the rape is still perpetuated by teachers who coerce girls into
sex for marks. At the national level an association of girls and women who have
been raped has been formed to name and shame such occurrences. But the
situation is so overwhelming that the groups, Aunties Association cannot be
everywhere and cannot respond with urgency. Gwain Colbert is Co-Founder of A Common Future organization in Cameroon that addresses men's violence against women, girls and children in society. Our official address is acommonfuture1 at Our website is

Gwain Colbert Fulai 
P.O. Box 747 Mankon, Bamenda.
Tel (237)7852476
E-mail mr_bamenda at 
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