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[16days_discussion] Comfort Women survivors who became the "Hope" for Congolese women!

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Fri Mar 9 09:11:39 EST 2012

Warm greetings. 


The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan hopes to share this beautiful news. 


Comfort Women survivors who became the "Hope" for the Congolese women!


Comfort Women survivors who became the "Hope" for the Congolese women

On International Women's Day(March 8th), Kim Bok-Dong and Gil Won-Ok, the survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery, officially announced that they will donate for the rape victims of Congo Civil War, if they receive legal compensation from Japanese government. 

The survivors, who had already suffered immeasurably as military sexual slaves, underwent successive misfortunes such as poverty, diseases, and inhospitality of society, yet they continually engaged in this problem as social activists. 

Especially, Kim Bok-Dong and Gil Won-Ok significantly have raised the awareness of this issue by traveling around the world, visiting UN and many nations in Europe. They have been and continue to be in the front lines of the Wednesday Demonstration for the resolution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue. 

This press conference will make a step further to represent and realize the will of survivors who strongly believe that no more women should suffer from the same violence. After knowing that countless women are suffering from the rape violence in DRC, Kim Bok-Dong and Gil Won-Ok, who were most active in these efforts, expressed their wills to assist those women. Among all, the story of Rebecca Masika Katsuva, who has actively assisted other rape victims while being rape victim herself, touched the heart of those two women. While visiting Germany to raise the awareness of this issue, Gil Won-ok was invited to Embassy of Congo in Germany and offered the words of encouragement from Congo ambassador who expressed a great appreciation that their actions were giving hopes to many Congolese women in the same violence. 

Celebrating International Women's day, Kim Bok-Dong and Gil Won-Oak once more urged Japanese government to make the legal compensation with the official apology, all of which will goes to the institution established by Masika. Their wills, even after their deaths, will be realized through the form of legal wills which will be notarized by lawyers of Women's Human Right Committee belonging to the institution, Lawyer for Democratic Society. Considering that the legal compensation from Japanese government is currently impossible, The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan will make "Nabi funds" and initially donate the money to Masika on coming May 5th, the opening day of War & Women's Human Rights Museum. The Korean Council is planning to develop this funds to comprehensively assist the women in armed conflicts. 

Kim Bok-Dong expressed her will to donate the seed money of Nabi fund, and the famous Korean singer, Lee Hyo-ri, also promised to carry on the will of her by participating the donation as the first player. 
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