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[16days_discussion] Fwd: NEWS RELEASE - Combatting violence against women must be high on Italy’s national agenda – UN Independent Expert

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Fri Jan 27 09:52:35 EST 2012

Dear 16 Days Listserv Members,

Below please see a news release on the recent mission to Italy by UN 
Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Rashida Manjoo.

Best regards,
The 16 Days Campaign Team

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> be high on Italy’s national agenda – UN Independent Expert*
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> Subject: NEWS RELEASE - Combatting violence against women must be high 
> on Italy’s national agenda – UN Independent Expert
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> 27 January 2012
> *Combatting violence against women must be high on Italy’s national 
> agenda – UN Independent Expert*
> ROME – Despite efforts to combat violence against women in Italy, the 
> levels of such violence remain high and there is an urgent need to 
> address the underlying structural causes of inequality and 
> discrimination, said the UN independent expert on violence against 
> women, Rashida Manjoo.
> At the end of a 12-day official mission to Italy, the UN Special 
> Rapporteur on Violence against women, its causes and consequences, 
> stressed that the current political and economic situation in Italy 
> was no justification to decrease attention and resources allocated to 
> addressing issues surrounding violence against women, especially since 
> there have been increasing instances of femicide and domestic violence.
> “I call on all relevant stakeholders to take on the responsibility at 
> this crucial time to promote human rights for all, and most 
> importantly, to keep the issue of violence against women on the 
> national agenda,” Ms Manjoo said.
> During her mission to the country from 15 to 26 January, Ms Manjoo met 
> women in custody, survivors of violence, and visited anti-violence 
> shelters for women in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Naples, as well as an 
> authorised camp for the Roma and Sinti community and an immigration 
> detention centre for irregular migrants. Ms Manjoo also had meetings 
> with high-level officials and civil society representatives.
> “My visit focused broadly on violence against women in four spheres, 
> including the home, the community, violence perpetrated or condoned by 
> the state, and violence in the transnational context,” Ms Manjoo said.
> “I looked into the issue domestic violence, femicide, violence against 
> women who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, 
> including Roma, Sinti and other migrant women, detained women, women 
> with disabilities and transgendered people.”
> She highlighted the multiple forms of violence and discrimination in 
> both the private and public sectors faced by minority women. This is 
> exacerbated by their civil status, whether regular or irregular, their 
> socio-economic realities, and their lack of trust and confidence in 
> the state system, amongst other factors.
> Ms Manjoo said that there is a vast amount of experience and expertise 
> in Italy in the provision of legal, social, psychological and economic 
> assistance to victims of violence against women, and that this should 
> not be lost in the current economic climate.
> “Most manifestations of violence are under-reported in the context of 
> a family-oriented and patriarchal society where domestic violence is 
> not always perceived as a crime, there is economic dependency, and 
> there are perceptions that the state response to such complaints will 
> not be appropriate or helpful,” she said.
> “A fragmented legal framework and inadequate investigation, punishment 
> for perpetrators, and compensation for women victims of violence, also 
> contributes to the silencing and invisibility surrounding this issue.”
> Ms Manjoo called for holistic solutions to address the individual 
> needs of women as well as the social, economic and cultural barriers 
> belying such violence. She added that systemic, structural inequality 
> and discrimination often facilitate violence against women.
> Ms Manjoo will present the comprehensive findings from her mission at 
> the June 2012 session of the Human Rights Council.
> To read the full statement, please visit: 
> _ 
> <>(English) 
> and 
> _ 
> /Ms. Rashida Manjoo (South Africa) was appointed Special Rapporteur on 
> Violence against women, its causes and consequences in June 2009 by 
> the UN Human Rights Council, for an initial period of three year. As 
> Special Rapporteur, she is independent from any government or 
> organization and serves in her individual capacity. Ms. Manjoo is also 
> a Professor at the Department of Public Law at the University of Cape 
> Town./
> //
> /Learn about the mandate of the Special Rapporteur, please visit: 
> //_
> /Check the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against 
> Women: 
> //_ 
> /OHCHR Country Page – Italy /
> /_
> /For additional information and *press inquiries*//please write to 
> //_vaw at ohchr.org_/ <mailto:vaw at>//
> For *media inquiries* related to other UN independent experts:
> Xabier Celaya, UN Human Rights Media Unit (+ 41 22 917 9383 / 
> _xcelaya at ohchr.org_ <mailto:xcelaya at>)
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