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[16days_discussion] BRUTAL MURDER OF THREE LAWYERS in Karachi

Waheed A Ch. Advocate waheed2000 at
Wed Jan 25 21:18:19 EST 2012

A meeting of Human Right Watch Committe of Lahore High Court Lahore was held today which was headed by the chairman LISAN ULLAH KHAN alongwith SYED ADEEL ABBASS, SAIMA RASHID,and WAHEED AHMAD, Vice chairman,Co- chairperson,and Secretary respectively wherein condemned the BRUTAL MURDER OF THREE LAWYERS in Karachi while on the way and it observed that the number of innocent lawyers were murdered for nothing.The govt has failed to provide security to the lawyers.

The committee also raised demand the arrest of the culprits and urged to the Government for the security of the legal community. 

Waheed Ahmad
Advocate High Court 
Deputy Director Human Rights and Protection of Lawyers. (Union Internationale des Avocats)
Secretary Human Rights Watch Committee Lahore High Court Bar Association.    
0092-333-4639652            .


Unknown motorcyclists shot three lawyers dead at Pakistan Chowk in Karachi on Wednesday. 

As per details, four lawyers were on their way at Pakistan Chowk when four unknown gunmnen on two motorcycles opend fire at the car of the lawyers.
As a result, three lawyers died on the spot while fourth of them sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital. The dead lawyers include Kafeel, Shakeel and Badar Ali. 

The attackers escaped from the scene after committing crime in open day light. The lawyer community announced a countrywide srtrike today (Thursday).

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