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[16days_discussion] An Opinion Piece - Women, Poverty and the Politics of Secondhand Underwear

Faustina Boakye Faustina_Boakye at
Mon Jan 9 13:06:00 EST 2012

Thanks Nyara for sharing this.  I was so touched and have pasted it on my 
Facebook page for friends to distribute widely and for all of us to fight 
against poverty of women, in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the world.  God 
bless your work.


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Date:   01/09/2012 04:42 PM
Subject:        [16days_discussion] An Opinion Piece - Women,   Poverty 
and the Politics of Secondhand Underwear
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Sharing with you an Opinion piece that I published last week, with
sadness, at the indignity of poverty.

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