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[16days_discussion] we need a global call and vigil and memory for the tortured student of India now

Eva Quistorp equistorp at
Fri Dec 28 18:49:39 EST 2012

dear sisters and colleagues
many of you will have followed the sad and ugly news from india about 
the group rape in a bus in India
the tortured student by this male group crime
has died some moments ago
after more sufferings in operations
doctors who tried to keep her life
many thousands wonderful women and students and protesters who stood up 
in the streets
of India,thanks to them,
this male group crime will not be forgotten and we all will follow the trial
and the debate and consequences in the Parliament in India, in the media
and daily anti women agenda in many parts of India
We should ask the womens movement in India how we can support them now
we cannot just wait for the traditional 25.11.
should we not all wear mourning dresses and go to the indian embassies 
on the day of
her funeral or just tomorrow and the 2.of January,why not go there some 
days like in India??
and take up the same slogans as the protestgroups in India,
which have been restricted by the government?
who killed the tv jornalist in one of these rallies?
I hope to get propsals from India and those of you who work with women 
from India for many
I think about going to the embassy of India tomorrow or the next days
in the new year
let us all take her memory and of thos 100 000 raped indian women, who 
never got justice
even not the truth and of all those in Congo and elsewhere
and organise global protest against media and internet pages and 
  which make out of violence against grils and women and out of their 
an entertainment
and police and lawyers and politicians and media people and rich men and 
crime groups
like a mafia who let the crimes be hidden and forgotten without punishment

Hope to read from you and have a
and Am 13.11.2012 22:08, schrieb 16 Days:
> Dear Fellow Activists,
> With the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence less than two 
> weeks away and the Commission on the Status of Women in March 2013, 
> the Center for Women's Global Leadership is excited to work alongside 
> women's and human rights organizations worldwide to increase attention 
> about gender-based violence and call governments to respond, protect, 
> and prevent such violence.
> We have drafted the attached statement to encourage UN Member States 
> to prioritize demilitarization, eliminate gender-based violence 
> worldwide, and fulfill their human rights commitments.We would love to 
> submit this statement with your support.If you would like to endorse 
> the statement, please send 16days at 
> <mailto:16days at> the full name of your organization no 
> later than 9:00am EST on Thursday November 15^th .Please note that the 
> UN requires signatories to have ECOSOC status.
> We look forward to hearing from you as we work to promote a more 
> peaceful world.
> Kind regards,
> Radhika Balakrishnan
> Executive Director, Center for Women's Global Leadership
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