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[16days_discussion] Urgent Action to support surviving "comfort women" ~ please post

Angela Lytle angelasabrina.lytle at
Fri Aug 31 12:03:20 EDT 2012

*Is 67 years not long enough to wait for justice for survivors of sexual
slavery? *
*Please sign the petition--let's show the UN General Assembly that the
International Community wants a Resolution supporting the surviving
"Comfort Women"!  We need signatories from around the world to demonstrate
that this is truly an international issue!*

The Japanese military set up the first rape center in Shanghai for the
Japanese Navy in 1932. Starting with this, the Japanese military and
government systematically set up rape centers wherever its military was
stationed. Over 200,000 girls and women from East and Southeast Asia were
taken by deception, threat, and abduction to rape centers. They were forced
into sexual slavery for the Japanese military.

Starting with the resolution passed in the US House of Representatives in
2007, the European Union and other countries passed similar resolutions
urging the Japanese government to tackle this issue. However, the Japanese
government has neither admited its responsibility nor delivered an official
apology. Though the Japanese military sexual slavery system is clearly a
serious war crime, if we fail to bring justice to survivors in all
countries, similar war crimes against women will continue to occur in
conflict areas. Let’s take action to show the seriousness of this issue to
the members of the United Nations General Assembly.

Please sign, and please share widely with your networks! Let us show the
now elderly survivors that the international community stands with them!

Sign the petition

*To learn more about the issue or the survivors, see here:*

Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on VAW on the "comfort women" issue
Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery on the
"comfort women" issue (1998):

Video on Filipina survivors' quest for justice:
Recorded testimonies of Korean survivors:

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