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[16days_discussion] [WorkingWithBoysandMen] Fwd: FW: 16 Days of Activism 2011 in Bangladesh

Laxman Belbase l.belbase at
Sun Nov 27 23:33:07 EST 2011

Dear all,

Forwarding the message below from Mr. Firozul Islam from MenEngage Alliance
in Bangladesh.



*From:* Firozul Islam [mailto:firozulislam at]
*Sent:* 25 November 2011 00:59
*Subject:* Fw: 16 Days of Activism 2011 in Bangladesh

*Dear All, *

* *

Warm greetings from the Network: Engage Men & Boys – promoting gender
justice (earlier mentioned as Campaign to work with men and boys- a
national network in Bangladesh but this year the name has been changed by
the members during the strategic planning meeting)

We would like to inform you that this network is going to observe 16 Days
of Activism this year to increase level of awareness among mass people
regarding the increasing incidence of violence against women and role of
men and boys to combat GBV. As well as to mobilize government, NGOs, the
private sector, civil society, professionals, the faith based
organizations, the media (electronic and print) and the diplomatic
community in an effort to spread the message.

In working with men and boys, women and girls for 16 Days of Activism, a
number of activities have been planned by the network members to address
the issue on violence against women as follows:

   §   *Call for 16 days of activism: *on 30th November a Mass Gathering
(mainly men and boys) in Dhaka at Robindra Shorobor will be arranged to
announce campaign programs for 16 days of activism.  Distinguished men from
Government bodies, NGOs, Universities, sports, music, TV, Cinema, and media
will be invited to express solidarity with the Network for engaging men and
boys to eliminate GBV and to promote gender justice. A declaration will be
shared with the audience and oath will be taken by the participants to act
positively to end gender-based violence. Side by side issue based cultural
program like recitation, open theatre, song will follow the whole event to
strengthen the message of engaging men and boys to end gender-based
violence. Media will be invited for wide coverage of the event.

   §   *Media Campaign: *Network will develop a newspaper advertisement to
publish in two prominent Dailies on 24 and 25 November in favor of
promoting the campaign program

Numbers of TV talk Show will be arranged in 5 different Channels to promote
the concept of men engagement for ending GBV and for promoting Gender
justice. Distinguished Men from different sector will be invited to
participate in these talk shows.  Network members will participate in these
talk shows as either facilitator or as a guest speaker.

   §   *Material Development: *Network will develop poster, sticker and
leaflet* *in support of this campaign program for distribution during the
mass gathering on 30th November and on 10th December.

   §   *Celebration of International Human Rights Day:*  A mass gathering
of students of Dhaka University will be arranged in DU campus. Honorable
Vice Chancellor of DU will be invited to grace the occasion as chief guest.
Other eminent teachers will be invited as guest speaker to express their
solidarity with the movement of the network. Young cultural activist group
of DU will be invited to perform in the event.

Kind regards,

Firozul Islam Milon

Focal Point of the Secretariat of the Network: Engage Men & Boys –promoting
gender justice

Secretariat: Save the Children

Firozul Islam Milon
*Manager, Child Protection *
*Save the Children*
TEL# (880-2) 8828118, 8814985, 8812389 EXT-200
CELL# 01711042599

Email: firozul.milon at; firozulislam at;
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