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[16days_discussion] (no subject)

pabitra giri pabi086 at
Tue Nov 29 00:24:44 EST 2011

 Still Violence against women is happening each country where as human being living. May be different in degree of violence. As a human  being woman has full of right to live as human. women are fighting for own right with the same partner  or human being a man .in the creation of human being  both born in earth in same exciting and equality . as per development of society man had been more powerful and women had been powerless as the  result   there was big gap between man and women . women  are living as slave of man  and man are living as ruler of women. it was start gender discrimination women are compel to live in different types of violence in home and community. Every day they are compel tolerate mentally , physically , socially, cultural and emotional violence as a right of women. foe human and social  development  every human being should violence free .Until and unless if every one can;t live violence free in physically and mentally
 s/he can;t develop healthy family and  society. So lets join campaign to end violence against women to change our attitude, behavior and other discriminating   values and norms. 
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