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[16days_discussion] 16 days campaign activities

doreen kisembo doreen_kisembo at
Mon Nov 28 17:42:25 EST 2011

Hello Members,
I am thrilled about what actors across the globe are doing to raise awareness and prevent  omenwGBV  against women and children.

As Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS TB Program(NUMAT) our goal is to increase access to and utilization of prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB services in post conflict Northern Uganda. One of our interventions have been  implementation of  SGBV prevention and health response interventions.

During the last couple of years, we have participated in 16 days campaigns and this year was no exception. 
Together with all GBV partners in the region, we launched the 16 days on 25th November.Community dialogues to raise awareness and advocate for  a violence free environment in the homes. Male involvement to give the campaigns a cutting edge.All campaigns are integrated with HIV testing and counseling.Radio talk shows and jingles.Facilitation of Music and Dance and Dramma shows by community groups on the theme at the grass roots.
Lets keep up the spirit.

Doreen Kisembo
Northern Uganda
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