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[16days_discussion] 16 Impacts of Sexual Assault

Kate Ravenscroft katerav at
Sat Nov 26 21:46:51 EST 2011

Hello fellow activists,

I wanted to share my project as part of the 16 Days campaign.

A blog post for every day of the 16 Days campaign reflecting on one way or
one behaviour we can all do to help prevent violence against women and most
specifically sexual violence. Written from the perspective of a victim of
rape. Blog address is:

First 3 posts:

   - Day 1. A Supportive Space:
   - Day 2. The Image of Rape:
   - Day 3. Calling it what it is: the language of rape: h

I am also tweeting my posts and sharing 16 Days links at

Would love your support in sharing the link and also your feedback on my
posts and ideas.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your brilliant work on the 16
Days campaign. As a victim/survivor of violence against women I know how
vital this work is and I am so delighted that this campaign happens, how
strong it is becoming, how much brilliant work is done and to be able to
contribute in some small way.

To a safe future for all women and a world free from violence!


Kate Ravenscroft

Email: katerav at
Web: /
Flickr: at N08/sets/72157624145813252/

A zine for survivors of sexual assault
B*ecause our voices demand to be heard*
Find out more or contribute here:
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