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[16days_discussion] Fwd: Re: Take Back The Tech! Map your stories, tweet & take action

Jac sm Kee jac at
Sat Nov 26 09:10:55 EST 2011

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Resending this as think it was meant for the list :)


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Subject: Re: [16days_discussion] Take Back The Tech! Map your stories,
tweet & take action
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 00:41:52 -0800 (PST)
From: khatuna Bechvaia <bkhatuna at>
To: Jac sm Kee <jac at>

 Good day!

Today is the International Day Against Violence Against Women. The
member organization of National Network Against Women and Children
Violence (that is located and functioning in Zugdidi, Samegrelo
District, Georgia), holds the round table meeting on the key issues of
Violence. We hope that the participants will make a decision that will
improve the existing low (Adopted in the year 2006. in Georgia)  about
the prevention of Domestic Violence.

Best Regards,khatuna Bechvaia
- --- On Thu, 11/24/11, Jac sm Kee <jac at> wrote:

From: Jac sm Kee <jac at>
Subject: [16days_discussion] Take Back The Tech! Map your stories,
tweet & take action
To: "16 days discussion list" <16DAYS_DISCUSSION at EMAIL.RUTGERS.EDU>
Cc: "Erika Smith" <erika at>
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2011, 6:43 PM

Hi all,

Sharing our call for action for today, and also the launch of our
mapping platform to document technology-related VAW. Wishing everyone
the best of energy for the start of the campaign!


Take Back The Tech!
25 Nov - 10 Dec

Today is the International Day Against Violence Against Women. To mark
this event, we are launching the Take Back the Tech! campaign and our
online map to document stories and experiences of women and girls who
face violence online or through the use of the internet and mobile
phones. Share your stories, strengthen your skills on online safety
and amplify your stand. Take control of technology to end violence
against women!


Take action

1) Map it!:
- ------------------------------------------
* Map your stories of technology-related violence against women. It
can be something you experienced, or encourage a friend to share hers,
or scan the media for news reports. Every story is important.
* The map is currently translated and available in different languages
including Spanish, French, Bosnian,Portuguese and growing everyday.
This is made possible from the collective efforts of local campaigners
in different parts of the world.
* Start a local mapping initiative with your communitiy or networks.
Translate, document and grow the collection of experiences that women
and girls face where you are. Make the invisible visible. Email us to
find out how.
* Throughout the 16 days, we will be focussing on 5 areas of
technology-related violence against women. Check out the campaign site
to keep updated.

2) Make ending-VAW a global priority. #16days Tweetathon!
- ---------------------------------------------------------
* Calling all Twitter users to join the global effort to trend #16days
as a global topic today.
* Join us in this action, and tweet stats, questions, ideas to end
VAW, numbers of local shelters, link to campaign sites, the TBTT map,
start a conversation and join one.
* Add the hashtag #16days and #takebackthetech and let's make activism
to end VAW a global priotity!

3) Spread the word
- ------------------
* Keep checking throughout the 16 days on
actions that you can take every day during the campaign. Or sign up
for updates from our site.
* Help grow the campaign by spreading the word on your social
networks, Facebook, Orkut, G+, mailing lists, emails, Twitter and more.
* Join us on Facebook and start a poll on things we can do to end VAW.
* Check out the campaign video to find out about the issue and what
you can do. View, embed, share.

Take Back the Tech! Happy campaigning :)

* Map:
* Daily actions:
* Facebook:
* Twitter:
* Youtube video:
* Email: ideas at

- -------------------------
ideas at
- -------------------------

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