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[16days_discussion] Al-Hakim Foundation Activities during 16 Days campaign

Jafar Jawad jafar at
Fri Nov 25 23:12:19 EST 2011

Al-Hakim Foundation is participating in the International
Campaign of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence from Nov.25 to Dec.10,
The foundation through its various activities is trying to achieve
the following goals:
1- Raising the awareness about gender-based violence as a
human rights issue at the local and national levels.
2. Strengthening the local work about the eradication of violence
against women.
3. Establishing a network between the government, local NGOs
and the Iraqi parliament to work together on ending the violence against women.
4. Creating tools and measures to stress governments to
support the elimination of all forms of violence against women.
5. Set realistic time tables to achieve significant progress
at the government or the judiciary levels and considering these tables as a
governance indicator and evaluating performance.
Al-Hakim foundation adapted the initiative launched by
Sayyed Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim to combat violence against women, an initiative of
the Islamic day against violence against women since 2009.
This year the activities of Al-Hakim Foundation in Iraq will
take place at several provinces of Baghdad - Basra - Najaf.
Al-Hakim Foundation will organize many events aiming to
raise the public awareness about this phenomenon and bringing the attention of
the Iraqi government and judiciary authority for the importance of establishing
effective measures to eradicate all forms of violence against women. 
The Foundation will organize panel discussions in 3 major
cities in Iraq (Baghdad, Basra and Najaf) .The topics of the panels will focus on
challenging Militarism and Ending Violence against Women.
The foundation will distribute flyers and posters during the
period of the campaign.
Also there will be a TV Forum at one of the widely spread
Iraqi Channels to discuss the subject of challenging Militarism and Ending
Violence against Women.
There will be 2 Facebook resources (in English & Arabic)
for interaction and support of this campaign. 
Al-Hakim Foundation calls for all Iraqi NGOs to participate
and support this campaign.

Best regards.

Dr. Jafar Jawad
Al-Hakim Foundation / New York Office 
Director  & UN representative
245E. 40th street

New York, NY, 10016
TEL: 623-330-1523
FAX: 212-867-1979
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