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[16days_discussion] Video + Guide Launch!

Shea Morrissey s.morrissey at
Fri Nov 25 11:32:00 EST 2011

Hi All,

In commemoration of the 16 Days Campaign, Women Win has launched a new
video and online guide around addressing GBV in conflict regions through
sport.  Please take a look and share widely, especially with friends in
conflict/post-conflict areas.  The video is available in English, Spanish
and French, and the guide is translatable into over 50 languages.  Below is
some messaging to share through your networks. Many thanks for your support
in sharing these resources!

@Women_Win launches video on sport in conflict regions for #16Days of
Activism Against #GBV!  Watch and share:

Women Win launches video on sport as a tool to address gender-based
violence in conflict regions for 16 Days of Activism Against GBV.  Watch
and share to join the campaign! <>

*Email to contacts:*
Today marks the beginning of the global campaign for *16 Days of Activism
Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV)*.  GBV continues to be one of the most
prevalent and socially accepted categories of human rights violations. In
conflict and post-conflict regions around the world, girls and women are
particularly vulnerable.  Girls and women need a safe space to address the
trauma endured during and after conflict; sport is providing that space. *
Sport* has proven to be an effective strategy in challenging GBV in
conflict regions such as Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Colombia.

As part of Women Win’s campaign to address GBV through sport, we have
recently launched two new resources; a special chapter specific to conflict
regions, and a powerful video highlighting the role of sport among
survivors of GBV in conflict regions.  We encourage you to explore these  at
<>where you will learn more about how
sport is helping survivors of GBV heal, connect and rebuild.

Women Win invites you to join us in 16 Days of Activism by sharing these
resources with your community to raise awareness and encourage action in
promoting sport as a platform for addressing GBV in conflict and
post-conflict regions.
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