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[16days_discussion] 16 days in Central Australia

Kelly-lee Hickey cdt at
Thu Nov 24 00:22:38 EST 2011

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to send a message to you all about the many things we are doing in Central Australia for 16 days. We focus on Domestic violence because it is such a big problem in our community, with hundreds of women being assaulted by their partners in our small town every year. 

The campaign will kick off with "A Stitch in Time" an exhibition showcasing over 100 Central Australian womens stories of strength on the Strong Womens Quilts at Olive Pink Botanical Gardens on Friday for 5:30pm.  This will be a beautiful sunset event, with music provided by Catherine Satour of the Desert Divas, and Bec Matthews of the internationally acclaimed Afro Mandinko music. 

The theme for the 2011 Alice Springs 16 Days campaign is It takes a whole community to prevent domestic violence, and the shelter is partnering with businesses, schools, local government and community groups to present a program of events aimed at raising awareness on how to respond to domestic violence. 

Campaign events include the World of Women Short Film Festival screenings at the Araluen Arts Centre on Human Rights day and Safe at Home, Safe at Work training for employers, presented by the Domestic and Family Violence Clearing house. 

Domestic Violence continues to be a significant issue for our community, being responsible for over half of all assaults in Alice Springs in the 2010/11 financial year, and costing the national economy over $13 billion annually. 

Communities play an important role in preventing domestic violence, with family, friends and work colleagues being the main sources of support for women experiencing violence. 

Community leaders, clubs and associations also play an important role in shaping attitudes that condemn violence, and creating environments that are safe and inviting for women and children. 

Please find a complete calendar of events enclosed, along with our 16 Days 16 Ways postcard, a launch invitation, and an overview of the Stitch in Time Project. 

Kind Regards

Kelly-lee Hickey
Community Development and Training
Alice Springs Womens Shelter 
Phone: 0457305708
Fax: 89525207 
Mail: PO box 3219
Alice Springs NT 0810

Days of Work Tues-Thurs 

16 Days of Action: Challenging Violence Against Women in Our Community 
25th November - 10th December 2011

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Hey My Friends,

Regards from the freezing Nairobi hoping this mail finds you well. Just wanted to check on you to find out how you are doing. Please share with us any updates on your part.


Wanjala Wafula
Programs Director
Coexist Initiative

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> Subject: 10 Recommendations to Make Justice Work for Women
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> ns-for-making-justice-systems-work-for-women/
> July 11, 2011 - A new report by U.N. Women <> 
> argues that in many countries the ?infrastructure of justice?the 
> police, the courts, and the judiciary?is failing women? and needs to 
> be reformed to provide legal support that serves women?s needs.
> The report titled ?Progress of the World?s Women: In Pursuit of 
> Justice<>,?
> outlines 10 recommendations that hold immense potential to increase 
> women?s access to justice and improve gender equality.
> 1.    Support women?s legal organizations: In many countries where
> government-funded legal aid is limited, women?s legal organizations 
> are one of the only sources women have to get legal advice and use the 
> legal system to protect themselves and their rights. Women?s legal 
> organizations are also transforming the legal landscape by pushing 
> reform efforts and championing strategic litigation cases.
> 2.    Implement gender-sensitive law reform: Gender-sensitive law reform
> demands that action is taken to repeal laws that explicitly 
> discriminate against women, to extend the rule of law to the private 
> domain, and to address the actual impact of laws on women?s lives. The 
> report cites the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of 
> Discrimination Against Women
> (CEDAW) as a ?gold standard? for gender-sensitive legal reform, but 
> highlights that it remains one of the U.N. treaties with the highest 
> number of reservations. The report calls on U.N. Member States to 
> accept all provisions of the convention, especially ?Article 16,? 
> which guarantees women?s rights within marriage and the family.
> 3.    Bring vital services under ?one roof? to avoid cases from being
> dropped: Governments should improve the ?justice chain??also known as 
> the series of steps that a women must take to seek justice?or continue 
> to see high levels of cases be dropped as they move along the justice 
> system. One way to reduce attrition is to create ?one-stop shops,? 
> where vital services are provided. For example, Thuthuzela Care 
> Centres in South Africa aim to address the medical and social needs of 
> sexual assault survivors, reduce secondary victimization, and improve 
> conviction rates by providing emergency medical care, counseling, and 
> court preparation.
> 4.    Put women on the front line of law enforcement: Employing more women
> on the front line of justice service delivery is necessary to help 
> increase women?s access to the justice system. In particular, it is an 
> essential investment to employ more women police officers and create 
> well-staffed and
> resourced gender desks.  5.    Invest in women?s access to justice: Making
> justice systems work for women requires reversing the trend of low 
> targeted funding or aid for legal programs focusing on gender 
> equality.
> 6.    Train judges and monitor decisions: Track judicial decision making
> at
> the national level to ensure accountability to women seeking justice 
> and to enable civil society organizations to monitor the application 
> of laws.
> Offering specialized training to judges can also help build commitment 
> to gender equality.
> 7.    Increase women?s access to courts and truth commissions during and
> after conflict: International courts should prioritize gender-based 
> crimes in their prosecution strategies. In addition, women should play 
> a central role in defining the scope and purpose of all post-conflict 
> justice mechanisms, such as truth commissions.
> 8.    Implement gender-responsive reparations programs: Governments and
> the
> international community should establish reparations programs that 
> account for all forms of sexual and gender-based  violence. They 
> should also include reparations at the individual, community, and 
> symbolic level to help victims recover losses and have their suffering 
> recognized.
> 9.    Use quotas to boost the number of women legislators: The report
> states
> that quotas for boosting the number of women legislators are often 
> correlated with the passage of progressive laws on land rights, 
> violence against women, health care, and employment.
> 10.    Put gender equality at the heart of Millennium Development Goals:
> Governments should scale up investment and action on the gender 
> equality dimensions of the eight MDGs to address widespread inequality 
> and accelerate progress toward the goals.
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