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[16days_discussion] Join the cyber dialogues during the 2011 Sixteen Days of Activism: 28 November to 9 December!

Shuvai Nyoni justiceprog at
Tue Nov 22 08:21:33 EST 2011

Dear Colleagues


Please see notification below and log in to our cyber dialogues during 16 Days!





Shuvai Busuman Nyoni

Local Government and Gender Justice Manager

Gender Links

9 Derrick Avenue
Cyrildene, Johannesburg
South Africa 2198
Phone: +27 (0) 11 622 2877 (214)
Fax: +27 11 (0) 622 4732


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From: Saeanna Chingamuka [mailto:gmdcmanager at] 
Sent: 21 November 2011 07:26 PM
To: Shuvai
Subject: Join the cyber dialogues during the 2011 Sixteen Days of Activism: 28 November to 9 December!





Contact: Saeanna Chingamuka
Tel: +27 11 622 2877
Fax: +27 11 622 4732
 <mailto:editor at> gmdcmanager at



Join the cyber dialogues during the 2011 Sixteen Days of Activism: Gender and climate justice by 2015

21 November 2011






Sixteen Days of Activism on Gender Violence



Peace begins @ home: Gender and Climate Justice by 2015!



  <> Gender Links and the African Women and Child Feature Service will be hosting daily cyber dialogues from 28 November to 9 December (except on the week end) during the Sixteen Days of Activism on Gender Violence (25 November to 10 December) and the UN Conference on Climate Change (28 November to 9 December). Read more about the Gender and Climate Justice Campaign on <> .

The cyber dialogues will start at 12.30 South Africa time (13.30 Kenya time)  with a half hour chat on the latest news from the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 17) and then switch to the Sixteen Day theme of the day from 13.00 to 14.00 South Africa time (14.00 to 15.00 Kenya time). If you are not in this time zone go to the time convertor to get the relevant times: <> . The chats will be preceded by a daily E newsletter with stories and content for discussion.

The themes for 2011 are as follows:




28 November

The power of speaking out and personal accounts - "I" stories

29 November

Gender and climate justice start with local government

30 November

Gender justice and ICTs

1 December

World AIDS Day and making care work count

2 December

Gender and the workplace - Sexual Harassment

5 December

Violence against sexual minorities

6 December

Remembering the Montreal Massacre: The role of men and boys

7 December

Xenophobia, human security and migration

8 December

We have faith - gender justice and climate change

9 December

Peace begins @ home: Gender justice and climate change wrap up


In many countries and centres, the cyber dialogues will kick off with a face to face discussion on the topic of the day. You are welcome to organise group discussions and then log in!  There will be chat rooms in English, French, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Swahili, isiZulu (Ndebele, Siswati), and Sotho (Tswana).

To login and participate in the cyber dialogues, please go to <> .

*	To log in

In the small box, type in your nickname, that is what you would like to be known as in the chat session. It could be your first name or your name and surname or a nickname which you prefer.  Then type in your sex and country in the same box. Click on Join Chat to join in the discussion.

You will be logged into the cyber dialogues chat service.

*	Joining a room

You will need to join a room to begin chatting. A number of rooms are usually set up often for preference of language. To join a room, click on the first icon. A list of rooms is displayed. Click on the room of your choice.

*	Chatting

You will now see the chat screen. In the main box you will begin to see other people chatting. To add your comments type into the box at the bottom of the screen and click SEND. You will see your comment appear in the main box. To exit from the cyber dialogues, click on the red icon on the right.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Saeanna on gmdcmanager at; or Shuvai on justiceprog at Please also let us know how you plan to participate!
We look forward to meeting you in cyber space!






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