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[16days_discussion] Women´s Link Worldwide - Gender Justice Uncovered Awards

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Fri Nov 18 12:52:33 EST 2011


Press Release
We are on the hunt for the worst and best judicial statements on gender
Women's Link Worldwide’s nomination period is now open for the Gender
Justice Uncovered Awards, which highlight court decisions that positively or
negatively affect gender equity. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, may
nominate their cases online via
November 15, 2011- In Nicaragua, the
Supreme Court reduced a sentence for rape because the perpetrator was in a
"state of rapture."

Statements like this deserve the "bludgeon" award in the fourth
edition of the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards, which officially opens
its nomination period today for anyone to propose statements or decisions made by judges, prosecutors, public defenders, public representatives, members
of United Nations committees, or magistrates, who have had a positive or
negative effect on gender equity.

On the other hand, the United States’ Immigration Court’s decision to not
deport a woman and her daughters to their country of origin due to the fear of
persecution in the form of forced marriage, marital rape and female genital
mutilation, deserves praise.

In all countries, regardless of their political, national or religious culture,
the comments of judges, courts and tribunals have an enormous influence on the
sense of justice and the daily lives of all people. For this reason, Women's
Link created these annual awards, which reward gold, silver and
bronze "gavels" to judicial pronouncements or decisions which promote
gender equity, and gold, silver and bronze "bludgeons" to the most
sexist and regressive decisions.

Nominations will be open from November 15th, 2011 to April 30th,
2012 and can be made through our website at All nominations will be evaluated by a panel of three international
personalities, who will announce the winners in June 2012.
Sachs: South African lawyer and human rights activist who
confronted apartheid, both in the country and from exile. He actively
participated in the negotiations leading his country to constitutional
democracy and was later appointed by President Mandela as a member of the new
South African Constitutional Court.

Angela Patricia Janiot: Colombian journalist and CNN's main anchor in
Spanish. Recently she was awarded the INTE (Television Industry in Spanish) for
"Best Female News Personality." Janiot is the president of the
foundation "Colombianitos", dedicated to help children affected by
violence in Colombia.

Virada Somswasdi: Thai lawyer and academic, who founded the first Center
for Women's Studies in Thailand and is an expert on issues such as trafficking,
sexual exploitation of women, pornography, sex and AIDS, family law, domestic
violence, feminist jurisprudence and women’s rights, among other issues.

"The People’s Choice Award"
Not only the jury can choose the winning decision. Women's Link has created the
category "People’s Choice Award" for those decisions that obtain the
most votes via the website, including a bludgeon and gavel award.

The polls will be open to the public from November 15th, 2011 until
May 31st, 2012 to determine the winners. You can follow the Awards
through our web
page, Facebook and Twitter.

For more information:
Cristina Sánchez Velázquez
Women's Link Worldwide
Office: +34 91 185 19 04
prensa at 
Madrid (Spain)
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