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[16days_discussion] 16 Days_2011__Action Works Nepal

radha paudel rpaudel456 at
Thu Nov 17 20:40:59 EST 2011

Dear 16 days team,
Here, I would like to share the following activies at the name of 16 days
VAW 2011;

1. Online display/remarks;,
2.Radio program; via, 90 network Ujyalo fm
3. Interaction program on sexual harassment in educational instituions in
Nov 10, 2011
4. Interaction program on sexual harrasment in public transport in dec 4,
5. IEC fair on sexual harassment in Dec 1-2, 2011
6. Awareness raising on code of conduct in public transport throughout a 16
7 Speak over television, radio about mark of 16 days by various members of
the organization
9. Ralley and folk song competition in Jumla
9 Facilitate, organize and participate many other campgains related to
peace and constituion campagin along with campgain member includes rallies
with plate and spoon, silent rally, petition submission to major four
political parties,chairperson of constituional assembly, interaction
program and other many programs.



*Radha Paudel*


*Action Works Nepal*

*email: rpaudel456 at*
*        **actionworksnepal.awon10 at*<actionworksnepal.awon10 at>
*Skype: rpaudel456
Phone: 977-9849596298*


*Your Any Contribution Always Makes Difference for ***

*``Let's Live Together-Miteri Gaun' Campgain*

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