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[16days_discussion] ( New Article ) Violence Against Women is Defending Human rights and Dignity

Elahe Amani elahe4peace at
Wed Nov 16 02:53:53 EST 2011

Dear friends and colleagues--
October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is on November 25th.  I wrote this article in October but just recently published.   

Ending Violence Against Women is Defending Human rights and Dignity
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and immigrant women in USA
Monday 14 November 2011

By Elahe Amani
“I was excited to come to US, but since my arrival I have not had one happy day. He needed a servant and a nanny for his kids. For everything, I had to ask for his permission. He beat me frequently (not in front of the kids) and he said bad words to me that crashed my self-esteem and self-respect. But, I think hitting is better than the words that mutilated my soul. Bruises will disappear but his words keep echoing in my minds, in my ears and even up to this day drive me crazy. He threatened to “ship” me back and revoke his application for my green card. How can I go back? In my community the woman is the one who always being blamed...”
These are the words of an abused immigrant woman who came to US on a Fiancé visa. She did not know anyone, did not speak English, and for a whole host of reasons did not want to go back to her home country. I met her in one of the women’s shelters in Los Angeles County in 1990.  Read More......
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