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[16days_discussion] Two Weeks Until the 16 Days Campaign!

16 Days 16days at
Thu Nov 10 09:45:04 EST 2011

Dear 16 Days Participants,

The countdown continues to the 21^st annual 16 Days Campaign.This year 
we are focusing on the relationships between violence against women and 
militarism.To that end, we encourage all 16 Days participants to check 
out the Center for Women's Global Leadership's new project, "What Does 
'Security' Mean to You?"To learn more about the project and submit your 
thoughts, go to

*_View pictures from previous 16 Days Campaigns!_*

Looking for inspiration this year?Check out the Center's Flickr page, 
where we gather Campaign photographs from around the world, at:

Remember to send us your pictures from the 2011 campaign for our album! 
Take pictures at events, or upload images of your flyers, and send them 
to 16days at <mailto:16days at>. You can 
also post them to your own Flickr page and tag them with "16Days."

You can also send us video links, which we'll feature on the 16 Days 
Campaign Facebook page 

*_Say NO - UNiTE web platform_*

Say NO counts and showcases actions on ending violence against women and 
girls through an interactive website, 
<>. Every signature gathered, participant 
engaged, blog written and hour volunteered... counts as an action. 
Together, they showcase your work and demonstrate public 
engagement.Currently, over 2.1 million actions have been taken to end 
violence against women!

Whether your advocacy is online or on-the-ground, global or local, Say 
NO showcases your stories to a global audience through news, action 
feeds and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and 
blogs. Tell your stories on 
<> for the 16 Days Campaign!

*How to use Say NO:*
.    Visit the website and create a user profile 
.    Once your free account is activated create an action page on
.    Use the 16 Days Campaign logo for your action image and choose "16 
Days" as your action type. You can download the logo from the 16 Days 
.    Write about your initiative, share your experience, and ask others 
to join you.

*_Online Campaign Calendar_*

To help spread the word about 16 Days Campaign activities happening 
around the world, you can submit your plans to our online Campaign 
Calendar. We ask that you submit just _one entry_ that lists _all_ of 
your plans during the campaign, rather than submitting a separate event 
form for each activity. You can also upload several documents that 
explain your events. The calendar is searchable by region and country. 
Submit your information today and spread the word!!

*_Check out our Facebook Page_*

Are you on Facebook? Become a fan of "The Official 16 Days of Activism 
Against Gender Violence Campaign" fan page 
to receive updates about what's happening around the world. So far we 
have nearly 15,000 fans - let's see if we can grow that number even more!

*_This Week's Featured 16 Days Websites_*

*GBV Prevention Network (international/online) -- "What's Your Way?" 


*IPS Inter Press Service **? The Gender Wire (international/online) -- 
Online 16 Days Campaign Social Media Networking*


*Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (international 
locations) -- "Blow the Whistle to Redefine Security"*

*World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (international 
locations) -- "Stop the Violence.Speak out for Girls' Rights"*


/Do you have a 16 Days website or resource that you would like featured 
in the next e-Update? Please email //16days at 
<mailto:16days at>/with the details!/

*_Take Action Kits_*

Don't forget that Take Action Kit materials are available electronically 
in several languages on our website: 
Additional translations of the theme announcement can be found here:

*Additional translations:* If are interested in volunteering your time 
to translate any of the kit materials into another language, please 
contact us at 16days at <mailto:16days at>. 
We will gladly share these translations on the 16 Days website so that 
they can be shared with other groups around the world!

Best wishes for a successful campaign!
Julie Ann Salthouse

16 Days Campaign Coordinator

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign
Center for Women's Global Leadership
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
160 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555
Tel: 1-732-932-8782
Fax: 1-732-932-1180
Email:16days at

Sign up for the 16 Days E-mail Listserve:

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