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[16days_discussion] Urgent Request

Waheed A Ch. Advocate waheed2000 at
Wed Nov 9 04:47:43 EST 2011

Dear Friend ,

Hope you are fine and enjoying good health.

Today i have a request Please send me your suggestions on these questions

Collaboration between Government and NGOs

     1.    In which fields do NGOs work with Government Ministries / Directorates / Departments?
     2.    What kind of collaboration is there between the Human Rights Ministry/Directorates/Departments and NGOs?
    3.    Have the HR Ministry or Directorate approached any NGO to propose joint activities?
     4.    What kind of joint activities would the NGOs like to propose?
    5.    Are there concrete results of collaboration between Government bodies and NGOs?
     Human Rights
     Social Welfare
       6.    What are, in the views of the NGOs, the conditions for effective and fruitful collaboration with the Government?
       7.    Are there forums/committees/working groups where Government bodies meet with NGOs?  How are these forums organized?  What do they seek to achieve in these forums?
           8.    Do NGOs provide capacity building (training) to any Government bodies?  If so, which NGOs and in which field do they provide capacity building?
             9.    Do Government bodies provide capacity building to NGOs?  If so, which Government bodies and which NGOs and in which field?

Thanking you very much in anticipation.

With best regards

Waheed Ahmad 
Advocate High Court
Secretary Human Rights Watch Committee
Lahore High Court Bar Association.
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