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[16days_discussion] Send Us Your Social Media Accounts

Aprille Muscara amuscara at
Thu Nov 3 16:48:35 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Just following up on the email Elizabeth sent last week and to reminder you
to please send us your social media accounts so we can include it in the
list we're compiling ahead of the 16 days. We'll be posting the list on our
MDG3 site, Twitter and Facebook to make it easy to follow and share each
other's work.

During the 16 days, IPS will be producing six Storify stories based on this
year's five sub-themes and a final wrap-up/look forward. For those of you
who are unfamiliar with Storify, it basically allows users to tell a story
using social media - so we'll be creating articles using tweets, Facebook
posts, comments, flickr photos, youtube videos, etc. We'll publish these on
our MDG3 site and disseminate on our social media accounts and The Gender
Wire newsletter, so if you want to be featured in them, be sure to send us
links to your Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, blogs, Flickr, etc!

We're also setting up a separate mailing list just for social media, where
we can send 16 days SM content to each other to encourage shares and RT's.
Let us know if you'd like to be included.

Finally, we're planning a virtual workshop and/or strategy call ahead of
the 16 days. The workshop is intended for exchanging general social media
tips and tricks. The stategy call is for coordination to encourage
amplification and dissemination of our respective campaigns through social
media - but if settling on a date/time gets too tricky, maybe we can just
have that discussion on the SM listserv.

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to your responses!

Email for social media listserv:
Interested in social media virtual workshop?
Interested in social media strategy call?


Aprille Muscara
Online Content and Community Manager | | IPS on Twitter <> | IPS
on Facebook <>
529 14th St NW, Ste 1293 | Washington, D.C. 20045
M: 1.818.205.3509 | O: 1.202.662.7161 | F: 1.202.662.7164
@aprilledaughn <> | Skype: aprilledaughn

> Dear All,
> In advance of the 16 Days Campaign, Inter Press Service<>(IPS) would like to invite interested groups to join a social media call
> and/or training session to coordinate social media strategies that will
> help amplify and disseminate the 16 Days message and the work that
> different groups are doing as part of the campaign.
> Here is our plan:
> Before November 25th:
> - Create or host a Social Media mailing list for all relevant focal
> points/contacts within participating organisations to share, discuss social
> media content and strategies related to the 16 Days Campaign and gender
> equality.
> - Curate a "master list" of participating organisations' social media
> accounts, which we can post on our MDG3 site <>(the
> U.N.'s Third Millennium Development Goal is gender equality),
> @thegenderwire <> Twitter account and
> our new The Gender Wire <> Facebook
> account.
> - Organise/host social media strategy conference call(s) for participating
> organisations to coordinate messaging and amplification
> - Organise/host virtual social media training(s) to share skills, tips and
> best practices.
> These calls/trainings would be held the week of 14 November.
> During the 16 Days:
> - IPS will create six Storifies (example:
> using
> social media content from participating organisations based on the five
> sub-themes of this year's campaign as well as a wrap-up storify. These
> storifies will be posted on IPS's MDG3 site, shared on our social media
> accounts and also meant to be shared on partners' social media accounts.
> We hope you will be interested in participating in this large-scale social
> media effort to help heighten the impact and spread the message of the 16
> Days Campaign. If your group is interested in participating, please email
> IPS's contact, Elizabeth Whitman, at ewhitman89 at, cc:
> mdg3 at
> Looking forward to hearing back from interested organisations!
> Elizabeth
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