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[16days_discussion] [WorkingWithBoysandMen] why drug abuse and trafficking asian age

Aminah Carroll aminahyaquin at
Tue Jul 5 11:17:51 EDT 2011

This report is extraordinarily important and the comments are pithy as well. Organized criminal activity often becomes the employer of choice for , and sometimes is the sole employment opportunity offered to,  people who are marginalized from the mainstream paths to success by socio-economic insufficient capacity building and opportunity to to earn a living wage.
AS well, social moveemnts which blame, shame and flame grousp, including males , rather than finding common ground among a variety of stakeholders, are in my view adn i believ that history bears this out, inefficient and ineffective. theya re slo prone to causing outright deterioration by gender, racem, religion, and the ilk, into cusing outright harm to those excluded from respect and participation.
Peace and Blessings, 
Aminah  Carroll, MPA
Weest Virginia, Appalachia, USA


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Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 14:38:36 +0000
Subject: [WorkingWithBoysandMen] why drug abuse and trafficking asian age


Dear Editor:

June 26th has passed and it was International Day Against Drug abuse and Illicit trafficking

The UN Secretary General's message on this day said "Unless we reduce demand for illicit drugs, we can never fully tackle cultivation, production or trafficking. Governments have a responsibility to counteract both drug trafficking and drug abuse, but communities can also make a major contribution. Families, schools, civil society and religious organizations can do their part to rid their communities of drugs. Businesses can help provide legitimate livelihoods. The media can raise awareness about the dangers of narcotics."

This statement does not address why there is drug abuse and trafficking, and the FAILURE of inter-state organisations be it UN, World Bank, WTO in upholding a paradigm of development where poverty has not been reduced IN A JUST MANNER and inequalities are increasing. A newspaper report from Nigeria, reveals that a 57 year old women reported that she trafficked drugs because she was poor and homeless. Officials observed that this is a quick way of becoming richer. ( The UN's own MDG monitoring report for Nigeria states ' growth has not generated enough jobs and the effect on poverty is not yet clear (the most recent data is from 2004. Growth needs to be more equitable and broad-based'. 

OF THE TEN PEOPLE CAUGHT BY THE GOVERNMENT of NIGERIA FOR TRAFFICKING DRUGS, SEVEN WHERE FROM EUROPE. European Commission states "Historically, women have been more affected by unemployment than men. ... In recent years, most markedly since the first quarter of 2008, male and female unemployment rates in the EU-27 have converged and by the second quarter of 2009 the male unemployment rate was higher". (

A QUESTION FOR ALL COUNTRIES, DEVELOPED OR DEVELOPING, IS WHETHER THE PROBLEM OF DRUG TRAFFICKING IS DUE TO THE INSTITUTIONS MENTIONED BY UN, OR ALSO by THE ENTIRE PARADIGM OF DEVELOPMENT- SUPPORTED BY INTERSTATE ORGANISATIONS- WHERE POVERTY HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED IN A JUST MANNER AND INEQUALITIES ARE ON THE RISE. Let everybody have right to agriculture land, forests, water bodies and oceans for a just living (how much of what kind has to depend on eco system), just urban livelihoods and social security in old age. 

How can business interests and state (at times supported by inter state funded projects) which usurp land ensure employment? How can men who are pressurised to be bread winners not succumb to drugs when there is more male unemployment than female unemployment in some parts of the world? WHY ARE THERE FEW INTER-STATE INSTITUTIONS AND GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS TO WORK ON PATRIARCHY AS IT IS PLAYED OUT, RATHER THAN BLAMING MEN ALL THE TIME. That men should be bread winners is a widespread view of not only men, but women as well. Most development programs in low/lower middle income countries are targeted at women, without changing dominant norms on gender or masculinity. This not only burdens women, but equally there is a crisis in masculinity that men feel - one amongst the reason for higher incidence of substance abuse by men ( the other of course due to the link between "machoism" and drug use

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