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[16days_discussion] [WorkingWithBoysandMen] FW: Are Men On Board with Gender Equality?

Laxman Belbase l.belbase at
Wed Jan 26 23:00:03 EST 2011

This might be of interest to most of you

Apologies for cross-posting, if any

Best, Laxman

*From:* International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) [mailto:
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*Sent:* Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:11 AM
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*Subject:* Are Men On Board with Gender Equality?

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 [image: IMAGES]

[image: Our Work in Action]

[image: Men and Gender Equality: An Evolving Union]

* *
*Photo © David Isaksson/Influential Men* *Men and Gender Equality: An
Evolving Union*

Initial results of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES)
offer the most comprehensive analyses to date of what men think and do in
relation to gender equality. *More

*[image: RobynehayesEthiopia]*<>

* *
*Photo © Robyne Hayes/ICRW*

Your contribution will help ICRW continue our on-the-ground conversations
with women, advise organizations on effective practices and ensure that
women receive equal access to resources that can improve their lives.

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 Evolving Men: Initial Results from the International Men and Gender
Equality Survey (IMAGES)

The new report, released today, summarizes multi-country findings on men’s
attitudes and practices – as well as women’s opinions and reports of men’s
behavior – on a variety of topics related to gender equality. *More
     [image: Violence]

* *
*Photo © Robyne Hayes/ICRW*

* *
Men and Violence: Risk Factors Vary

An analysis of new findings from ICRW affirms that an integrated approach –
one that aims to prevent violence by addressing men’s risk factors – is key
to reducing men’s use of violence against women. *More
      [image: Work-Stress]

* *
*Photo © David Snyder/ICRW*

* *
*Men at Work: Stress Linked to Harmful Practices*

While the traditional role of men as sole income providers is rapidly
changing, policies and programs can do more to understand and address men’s
experiences. *More
       [image: Gender Equality: Indian Men’s Attitudes Complex]

* *
*Photo © David Snyder/ICRW*
*Gender Equality: Indian Men’s Attitudes Complex *

Traditional norms about the role of men and women in society have not
adapted to keep pace with India’s rapid economic growth and rise in
opportunities for women.  *More
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