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[16days_discussion] Report launch: Combating Acid Violence in Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia RESEND as no post and no response from the Censors

Aminah Carroll aminahyaquin at
Fri Jan 28 07:36:05 EST 2011

It seems to me that we as women are missing the boat with our gross and shortsighted relial upon warning labels and laws to protect real women from perpetrators in their communities. We need women's militias or at the very least, the ready protection of armed guards and training to women that enables personal protection armed carry of small, effective handguns. 
A ready deterrant to violence are populations of women trained in the mastery of how to use guns  for self protection. Guns do not make people violent. Learned , experiential violence, learned helplessness and victimhood, disnhibitory drugs including alcohol which are correlated with violence , such as oxycontin, meth and crack, all of which produce in certain individuals drug induced psychosis, and a culture which encourages violence through media, business,  and community support for it, intentional and unintentional, such as the processes of marginalizing, alienating, isolating, devaluing ,dehumanizing and  objectifying individuals through pop culture misogyny, shaming, blaming, ostracization, bullying, group think, ridicule, and the ilk; these are some of the predicators for violence that we need to interrupt and to address, at best, and at least assess as risk factors necessitating interventions, in order to limit violence.And we need to stop blaming the tools of violence for the violence that cannot be controlled by laws, and only is limited by self-defense. No community can police every house. And no house where the folks are normal need fear having a gun for personal protection from brutes, thugs, criminals, and vicious bullies.
We continue to assert failed and foolish theories with science engineered to promote them instead of with rigorous non-ideological study and analysis , addressing systemically through harm reduction and prevention that actually WORKS efficiently adn effectively, the combination of converging factors in a given culture, family or individual which promote violence (such as women and children being unarmed, ready, passive, frightened victims) .
If we do not wake up soon to the harm we are doing by encouraging women to buy into the value system of plutcrats who live in gated communities, buildings with doormen, and advise that women remove from their homes and look over their shoulder for the rest of their life isntead of walk confiedently with  that great equalizer, a pistol, and the klnowledge of how to use it in emergency situations, we ar going to continue to suffer the loss of some of the most beautiful and precious people on earth--our gentle sisters and our kids. the  reality is we need to value ourselves sufficiently to be able to protect ourselves. That is not violence-- it is self-respect.

Peace and Blessings, 

Peace and Blessings, 
Aminah Carroll, MPA and subsistance farmer
Appalachia, USA

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