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[16days_discussion] FEIM Press Release: UN Women. New Hope in the Fight for Gender Equality

FEIM feim at
Fri Feb 25 14:29:11 EST 2011

                                            PRESS RELEASE - 25/2/2011

UN Women lays out two central challenges: to end gender violence and to expand 
              women´s participation in leadership areas
Civil society groups say women´s participation in this process is key; demand formal 
                mechanisms to hear women´s proposals

The formal launch of UN Women was celebrated last night in New York, marking an 
important triumph for women´s groups around the world who are working to accelerate 
equality between women and men - a goal which is taking too long to reach.

"Today we celebrate the creation of UN Women, a project that women´s groups worldwide 
have been working on for six years since the UN reform announcement. This is an 
achievement in women´s organizations´ struggle, and that is why we want to be an equal 
part with governments. Governments change while women´s organizations continue 
fighting and working with and for women," Mabel Bianco, president of the Fundación para 
Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM)and the Latin American representative for the 
GEAR campaign(Gender Equality Architecture Reform).

The United Nations commission of the new organization for Gender Equality and Women´s 
Empowerment renewed the hopes of many who have struggled for years to expand and 
gain respect for women´s rights. The Executive Director of the organization, Michelle 
Bachelet, has the capacity and support of leaders and activists worldwide to direct the 
necessary change that will allow all women to enjoy all their rights. "Latin women are 
proud that a Latina has this challenge, but we know it will be difficult because governments 
do not contribute enough to actually create these changes in their countries," said Bianco.

The creation of UN Women is a historical milestone for the women´s movement, and we 
hope it plays a key role in improving women´s living conditions and in promoting more 
prominent female participation in decision making and positions of power. "Around the 
world there are too few women sitting at the tables where decisions about peace, trade 
and climate change are being made," said Bachelet during her speech at the 55th Session of 
the Commission on the Status of Women. 

The organizations of the GEAR Campaigndemand that institutional markers and formal 
mechanisms for meaningful civil society participation are established, and with this 
objective, in November 2010 they presented a document with recommendations to 
Bachelet so that this process be applied at the local and global levels. Argentina has already 
begun the consulting period with civil society and it is hoped that the suggestions will be 
taken into account in the planning and implementation of actions.

More información
(5411) 4372.2763 |feim at|
Contact in NY: Mabel Bianco: (5411) 15.6478.3635
Press contact: 15.4421.4264 |gisela at
GEAR Campaign

Fundacion para Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer -FEIM-
"Veinte años promoviendo los derechos de las mujeres y niñas"
"Twenty years promoting women's and girls' rights"
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