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[16days_discussion] Important News Release For Women's Day Celebration in Cameroon

Mr.Bamenda Organisation mr_bamenda at
Wed Feb 23 08:31:46 EST 2011

                                     A Common Future

                                 Flat 5, NWCA Building

                               Commercial Avenue, Bamenda

                               P O Box 747 Mnakon-Bamenda

                                North West Region, Cameroon  

                               Email mr_bamenda at


                               Cell 237 77 85 24 76


                                        News Release/24/02/11

                                     Men in Women's Shoes March

In a bid to show solidarity for women in Cameroon and to mobilize men to
 ending violence against women, A Common Future organization is 
mobilizing men in the North West Region of Cameroon to come out next 
march 08, 2011 and march a km on women's high heeled shoes at the 
Bamenda Commercial Avenue where thousands of women in Bamenda city would
 join their counterparts the world over to celebrate this year's 
international women's day.


A Common Future's immediate action  is in urging men to take time off 
this march 08, 2011, to walk a mile in women's shoes to feel the pinch 
of gender-based violence. This walk which shall start  from Bamenda's 
city chemist round about to T-Junction shall be A Common Future's own 
response to the UN Secretary General's call to men to be committed to 
ending violence especially domestic violence against women. The 
objective of the march shall be to raise awareness and funds in an 
effort to curb the rate of domestic violence on women in the region and 
Cameroon in general.

The men in women's shoes walkaton builds on the old saying that 'You 
can't really understand another person's experience until you've put on 
her shoes to know where it pinches'. That is why men are being asked to 
show commitment to ending violence against women by putting on a pair of
 high heeled shoes next march 08, 2011, and joining   A Common Future to
 walk a mile. By doing this we are all going to help end violence 
against women in this region noted for its aggressive culture toward 

With the understanding that men of quality do not fear equality, we urge
 well meaning men in the region to become part of the solution rather 
than remain part of the problem. Those who are unlikely to attend are 
encouraged to donate to the event or urge other men to attend the 

The men in women shoes walkaton would be a roll-call-of-profeminist men 
in Cameroon as it seeks to transform men from culprits to allies. In 
addition to empowering women and girls to protect themselves, A Common 
Future's activities in the coming years will address sources and 
perpetrators of violence whether actual or potential. This requires 
hands-on engagement with men and boys to help shift attitudes about the 
use of violence and empower men as responsible agents of social change. 
Through this kind of outreach, harmful societal norms can be challenged 
and a healthier construction of mansulinities- which does not subjugate 
women-can be created.

A Common Future recognizes that while men remain the primary 
perpetrators of violence against women, they also need to be central to 
the solution to ending it, as Ban Ki Moon, UNSG declared at the launch 
of a Network of Men Leaders in 2009. After the walkaton, a men's 
programme with the objective of carrying out intensive gender-sensitive 
training for men shall be launched. Role model and mentorship programmes
 for boys in schools and colleges as well as engaging men in community 
development issues that include sexual and reproductive health and 
climate change shall be intensified. 

Created in 2007, A Common Future works with men in ending violence 
against women by proposing alterantive models of masculinities that are 
not necessarily in opposition to models of femininity and that allow men
 and women as well as boys and girls to share love, decision making and 
reprductive health responsiblilities.

For further information and for a complete plan of activities for this 
event and others view our website at You
 can also contact Co-Founders Gwain Colbert and Dountio Saadeo Relindis 
through numbers plus 237 77 85 24 76 or plus 237 96638105 or email: 
mr_bamenda at

Dr. George Niba

IEC Officer

A Common Future

Gwain Colbert Fulai 

P.O. Box 747 Mankon, Bamenda.

Tel (237)7852476

E-mail mr_bamenda at

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