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[16days_discussion] [WorkingWithBoysandMen] We are 10TH YEAR in Running – many many congratulation to all of you!

Ravi Karkara rkarkara at
Thu Feb 3 10:56:27 EST 2011
Dear List Member!
We are 10TH YEAR in Running – many many congratulation to all of you!
We have updated the site and its description with the line of key developments 
in the last 10 years
we started this community of practice. 

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (henceforth referred to as ‘the 
Convention’) was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 20 November 1989 and 
entered into force on 2 September 1990. It is the most comprehensive human 
rights treaty and legal instrument for the promotion and protection of 
children’s rights. Although there are provisions protecting child rights in 
other international humanrights instruments, the Convention is the first to 
articulate the entire complement of rights relevant to children – economic, 
social, cultural, civil and political. It was also the first international 
instrument to explicitly recognize children as social actors and active holders 
of their own right 

1989: Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) lays down 
the basic principle and purpose of meaningful and ethical participation of 
children and young people. 

§  2009: UN General Assembly Resolution on the Rights of the Child (the 
“Omnibus” resolution)..Right of the child to be heard – the resolution details 
various facets of this right, encouraging children’s participation in all 
settings on matters affecting them.  Among other things, Governments are called 
on to designate, establish or strengthen relevant structures for children, to 
involve them in enacting the national action plans set out in “A world fit for 
children”, and to ensure the equal participation of girls, including 
§  2009: UNCRC General Comment 12 adopted a General Comment on the Right of the 
Child to be Heard. This General Comment elaborates in detail the scope of 
Article 12, and how the Committee expects governments to interpret their 
obligations to children under its provision 
§  2007: Article 7 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with 
Disabilities (CRPD) Children with disabilities Governments agree to take every 
possible action so that children with disabilities can enjoy all human rights 
and freedoms equally with other children. They also agree to make sure that 
children with disabilities can express their views freely on all things that 
affect them. What is best for each child should always be considered first 
§  2006: The United Nations Secretary General’s Study on Violence against 
Children “103. I recommend that States actively engage with children and respect 
their views in all aspects of prevention, response and monitoring of violence 
against them, taking into account article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of 
the Child. Children’s organizations and child-led initiatives to address 
violence guided by the best interests of the child should be supported and 
§  2002: The World Fit for Children paragraph 32 (i) adopted at the UN General 
Assembly special Session on Children made a strong commitment towards increasing 
participation of children
§  2000: The Millennium Declaration in Article 25 reaffirms the commitment to 
work collectively for more inclusive political processes, allowing genuine 
participation of all citizens (and in this case, children and young people 
included) in all countries. 

§  1979: Article 7, UN Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women 
(CEDAW) on woman’s rights to participate in public and political life 
Children and young people’s participation is a continuous process for positive 
social change in partnership with girls and boys (as individual and in 
collectives) as social actor/s from diverse backgrounds. It supports them to 
positively interact and dialogue in decisions that affects, amongst themselves 
and with adults, in enabling and inclusive processes and environments that apply 
participatory and inclusive methodologies, thereby, contributing to social 
transformation contributing towards human rights based society 

A major development in this area has been the recent adoption of General Comment 
No. 12 on the right of a child to be heard by the Committee on the Rights of the 
Child. This marks the first time that the Committee has issued a General Comment 
on one of the treaty’s guiding principles.The CRC Committee adoption of the 
General Comment on Article 12 has boosted the support to the children’s 
participation in society. This is the first-ever General Comment on one of the 
four general principles of the CRC, and is designed to support governments in 
the effective implementation of Article 12 by strengthening and increasing 
understanding around children’s participation. The General Comment elaborates on 
the scope of legislation and policy and practice needed for implementation. This 
is also the first time that a General Comment will be accompanied by a handbook, 
which will provide guidance to governments and policy-makers. 

This commitment was given further emphasis in the UN General Assembly Omnibus 
resolution in November 2009 which urged governments to: ‘Assure that children 
are given the opportunity to be heard on all matters affecting them, without 
discrimination on any grounds, by adopting and/or continuing to implement 
regulations and arrangements that provide for and encourage, as appropriate, 
children’s participation in all settings, including within the family, in school 
and in their communities, and that are firmly anchored in laws and institutional 
codes and that are regularly evaluated with regard to their effectiveness 
(RES-64-146 Rights of the Child)
We must work with children and young people to forward their human rights. We 
still have many challenges. Especially reaching to the most marginalised and 
discriminated like girls, children with disabilities, children from indigenous 
and minority groups, younger children (012) – applying a life cycle approach, 

We need to look more macro – strengthening good governance for and with children 
and young people like developing national frameworks on child and young people’s 
Warm regards

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