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[16days_discussion] New feature release / MEXICO: Durg cartel targets women journalist through online social media

Women News Network - WNN womennewsnetwork at
Mon Dec 5 10:06:10 EST 2011

Dear 16 Days Colleagues -

Want to share a new feature story release by WNN (Women News Network)
covering the ongoing violence against women journalists in Mexico. Now the
targeting by the durg cartels is happening via social media. We feel the
journalists, along with others in the media, are facing conditions very
similar to war conflict as the paramilitary Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas
is targeting people who speak out or send information and reports online.

Feel free to republish our story in total with the original byline (the
author's name) included and a linkback to WNN's home page (

Here's the direct article link to our story:

Continued best wishes to everyone,
- Lys

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