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[16days_discussion] [WorkingWithBoysandMen] FW: Press Release: The Prime Minister of Nepal inaugurates the South Asian Minister’s Meeting on ending violence against children [3 Attachments]

Laxman Belbase l.belbase at
Mon Jun 28 07:43:02 EDT 2010

*The Prime Minister of Nepal inaugurates the South Asian Minister’s Meeting
on ending violence against children*

On June 23rd the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal
inaugurated a meeting involving the Ministers from the nodal Ministry
dealing with children’s issues from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India,
Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The purpose of the meeting was to endorse the decision to establish a strong
regional centre to address violence against children entitled, “The South
Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAEIVAC)”.  SAIEVAC’s
vision is that all children, girls and boys, throughout South Asia enjoy
their right to an environment free from all forms of violence, abuse,
exploitation, neglect and discrimination.

A SAIEVAC Governing Board will be established to supervise and oversee
SAIEVAC’s work. The governing board is made up of Government Representatives
Child Representatives, international agency representatives, and civil
society representatives from the SAIEVAC member countries. A permanent
SAIEVAC Secretariat will be based in Nepal and hosted by the Government of
Nepal, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal stated, “Today I call on the
Ministers and government representatives from across the region to seriously
consider the proposal and recommendations being put before you. Let us not
miss the opportunity to have a serious impact for children. Let’s take our
commitments to the next level and turn them into valuable actions. We can
demonstrate to each other and the world how collaboration and partnership
can pave the way to sustainable and long-term solutions for ending violence
against children.”

Sarv Dev Prasad Ojha, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Women, Children and
Social Welfare, Government of Nepal stated that, “The Government of Nepal is
very happy that the Permanent Secretariat of the South Asian Initiative to
End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC) will be based in Nepal. This
initiative is a huge step forward for the South Asian Region. Not only are
we pioneering a new approach to regional cooperation but we are taking
massive strides together to end violence against children.”

SAIEVAC will implement a workplan to end violence against children at
regional and national level. The SAIEVAC workplan reflects the commitment of
SAARC Government’s to address the enormous scale and urgency of violence
against children in all forms and is a strategic framework to coordinate,
standardize, and monitor progress annually. This workplan supports the
development of effective and comprehensive child protection systems, and
addresses key issues for the region including child labour, sexual abuse and
exploitation, trafficking, corporal punishment, and early marriage.

SAIEVAC will continue to support the meaningful participation of children so
that they can prevent and monitor violence against children, make
recommendations and be involved in decision-making processes for actions to
end violence against children.

SAIEVAC is a global pioneer initiative driven by governments throughout the
region.  It engages a range of stakeholders including children, INGOs, UN
Agencies and civil society in an innovative and collaborative manner to have
greater impact across the region.

Violence against girls and boys is a permeating problem in all South Asian
countries. In South Asia, violence against children occurs throughout all
walks of life, among all cultural, religious, ethnic and geographical income
groups and in all settings including homes, communities, schools,
workplaces, institutions, on the streets, and within the juvenile justice

Frequent natural disasters, political strife, civil unrests and armed
insurgencies are widespread and delay the implementation of development and
child protection plans. High incidence of poverty and discrimination in the
South Asia region means many children have limited access to basic social
services in vital sectors such as health, water, and education. In the
Region violence is also perpetuated by harmful traditional practices, such
as early marriage and societal based gender biases. Issues such as child
trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, and child labour are also of
particular concern in the region.

For more information please contact Bimal Rawal
bimalr at 9851091635 or Catherine Kates
catherinek at 9851110918
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