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[16days_discussion] 16days_discussion Digest, Vol 49, Issue 7

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   1.  [WorkingWithBoysandMen] Fwd: Girls? education conference
     concludes with call to focus on most marginalized children
     (Laxman Belbase)

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education conference concludes with call to focus on most marginalized
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DAKAR, SENEGAL, 26 May 2010 ? Although great strides have been made to get
ore girls into classrooms, those still out of school are likely to be from
amilies already suffering social neglect and deprivation, an international
onference concluded, as delegates unanimously passed a declaration aiming
o accelerate girls? access to education.
The ?Dakar Declaration on Accelerating Girls? Education and Gender Equality?
as unanimously adopted by some 200 participants ? that included scholars,
overnment officials and education experts ? at the conclusion of the
Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality,? or E4 conference on
hursday, which was organized by the United Nations Girls' Education
nitiative (UNGEI) to mark the tenth anniversary of its partnership.
?Powerless and poor girls make up the most disadvantaged group in
ducation,? the declaration stated. ?Achieving equity in education will
ntail putting in place a rights-based empowerment framework that will
arget the most vulnerable.?
The declaration warned that unless we do so, we will never give these
hildren the chance to their right to education and an opportunity get them
ut of poverty and into a more stable and just society.
Since education targets were set in 2000, more than 22 million girls have
nrolled in primary school from 1999 to 2007, and gender gaps in primary
chool enrolments have narrowed in many countries.
Despite this progress, poor quality of education, extreme poverty,
mergencies, HIV and AIDS, and violence against girls are threatening the
chievement of the Education for All and the education and gender-related
illennium Development Goals. The declaration calls for an urgent reversal
f these trends to achieve education goals by the 2015 deadline.
?The sad reality is that if our progress continues at its current pace, by
015 there still will be approximately 56 million children out of school,?
NICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said, at the opening session of the
4 meeting. ?You can count on those children being the hardest to reach,
iving in the poorest countries, with the highest and hardest barriers to
There is also an urgent need for education policies, strategies, plans and
udgets to be gender-responsive and make learning opportunities for both
irls and boys a developmental priority.
?Only when governments, international institutions, and civil society work
ogether unstintingly can we ensure that all girls receive an education,?
aid Prime Minister of Senegal, Mr. Souleymane Nd?n? Ndiaye, at the
In addition to the UNICEF Executive Director and the Prime Minister of
enegal, speakers at the conference included the World Bank Director of
ducation, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Africa, and a panel of
xperts on violence against women and girls in post-conflict contexts.
?We envision a world in which a special initiative for girls? education is
o longer needed, a world in which all girls and boys are empowered through
uality education to realize their full potential and contribute to
ransforming their societies, so that gender equality becomes a reality,?
he declaration said.
*About UNGEI:
The United Nations Girls? Education Initiative (UNGEI) is a partnership of
rganizations committed to narrowing the gender gap in primary and secondary
ducation. It also seeks to ensure that, by 2015, all children complete
rimary schooling, with girls and boys having equal access to free, quality
ducation. UNGEI was launched in April 2000 at the World Education Forum in
akar, Senegal, by then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan in
esponse to a troubling reality: Of the millions of children worldwide who
ere not in school, more than half were girls ? a reality that continues
oday. To read more about UNGEI, visit:<>
UNICEF Press release
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