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[16days_discussion] Epidemic of Violence Against Native American Women

KATHLEEN SLOAN kathleen.sloan at
Mon Jun 7 10:59:02 EDT 2010

Please watch this!  It is the most accurate and powerful documentary on sexual assault and violence against Native American women and girls that I have ever seen.  As the U.S. Attorney in South Dakota states, Native American women are the most victimized group in the United States.  It is such a damning indictment to hear a young Native American man say that he learned from his father "Be a man, hit somebody."  Women on Indian reservations are completely powerless and there is near total impunity for the men who commit violence and sexual assault against women, as this documentary so starkly demonstrates.  The most heartbreaking statement of all from another young Native American man is:  "The government has put us into auto-pilot for self-destruction."

It is particularly important for those of us who work on behalf of dv and sexual assault victims to see this to be aware of just how horrendous the reality is for our Native American sisters.

Kathy Sloan
National Organization for Women (NOW) 
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